From Painting to Pattern: How to Create Repeat Patterns using Photoshop | Juliet Meeks | Skillshare

From Painting to Pattern: How to Create Repeat Patterns using Photoshop

Juliet Meeks, Designer and Artist

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10 Lessons (47m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Watercolor Supplies

    • 3. Painting Your Elements

    • 4. Scanning Your Artwork

    • 5. Editing Your Artwork

    • 6. Setting Up Your Tile

    • 7. Pattern Time!

    • 8. Testing Repeat and Color

    • 9. Mockups and Exporting

    • 10. Bonus Video! Alternate Pattern Method

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About This Class


Are you ready to turn your watercolor paintings into a seamlessly repeating pattern, for use on products, fabric, and more? In this class, I will cover the steps involved from painting your watercolor elements, to scanning them in and cleaning them up in Photoshop, and finally creating your repeat pattern.

• Discover my tips for designing elements for patterns using watercolor
• Learn how to clean up your watercolor paintings in Photoshop and remove the paper background
• Have fun designing your pattern in Photoshop and learn how to create a perfectly repeating tile
• Mockup your new pattern on products, and share your work with the class! 

There are lots of methods out there for creating repeat patterns - this method is perfect for you if you want to keep the handmade texture of your watercolor paintings or drawings and prefer using Photoshop over Illustrator. This is also a great class for any new or aspiring surface designer. 

• Basic Photoshop and watercolor painting skills are helpful for taking this class (check out my Watercolor Basics class here if you are brand new to watercolor!)
• Supplies needed include a scanner, basic watercolor painting materials, and Adobe Photoshop
• Visit the Class Project for more guidelines on your project, and links to supplies mentioned in the video

Share your pattern on Instagram! Tag your pattern #frompaintingtopattern so we can all check out and like each other's work!

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Juliet Meeks

Designer and Artist


Hi! I'm Juliet, an artist and designer based in New Orleans. 

You can usually find me painting with watercolor in my studio, designing products for my online shop, and collaborating with other brands. Or creating classes here on Skillshare!

I'm inspired by creating with my hands, vintage books and textiles, and the organic shapes of nature (can't get enough of painting flowers!). I've always been drawn to colorful patterns and feel lucky...

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