Wildflower Repeat + new mockups

Wildflower Repeat + new mockups - student project

So excited to create this project!  I'm an admirer of Juliet's florals on Instagram, so when I saw she was teaching this class on Skillshare, I was very eager to try this out.  While I've created patterns before, this was my first time making a true repeat.


I used both watercolour and gouache for painting.  For reference, I used my own photos of flowers, as well as photos from Pinterest.

I painted A LOT of elements.

After scanning and cleaning up my selected elements, I got to work assembling my block in Photoshop:

Getting the spacing right took many attempts!  I must've went through 20 iterations of marqueeing the top and left and copying to the bottom and right.  (Note:  Do leave plenty of room around bottom and right edges...way more than seen above!)



Here is my final block along with the full tile:


I played around with the Hue and Saturation adjustment layer to come up with this alternative colourway:


Product Mock-up:

Ok I was literally giddy when I made this pillow mock-up; it was the first time I'd ever seen a real repeat pattern I created on a product.


Final Thoughts:

First, thank you Juliet for this wonderful class!! I have such a sense of satisfaction having completed this project.  I've learnt so much.  

The format of the class is excellent: I feel like you've put so much relevant content into a quick-to-watch class, and you've covered the repeating process in an easy-to-understand way.  Even with all my element painting, and block iterations, I still managed to complete this project in roughly a day and a half.

Lastly, I welcome any feedback on this project from fellow designers.  Given that this was my first repeat, if my eyes have missed something, I would greatly appreciate your advice in the comments!  Now off to make more mock-ups ;)  



Ok making mockups is addicting!  Here are a few more I've made.  Also experimented with a dark background and PS blending modes...