Everyday Surrealism: Using Apps to Create Photo Art | Chuck Anderson | Skillshare

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Chuck Anderson, Artist & photographer. NoPattern Studio: Chicago

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8 Lessons (42m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Project Assignment: Create a Surreal Work of Art

    • 3. Shooting

    • 4. Editing Architecture

    • 5. Editing Still Life

    • 6. Editing Big Sky

    • 7. Conclusion

    • 8. What's Next?


About This Class

This creative photography class will unleash your artistic imagination — and show how simple smartphone apps can turn your photos into art!

Join artist Chuck Anderson as he transforms everyday photos into collaged, surreal works of art. His process uses simple smartphone apps to create endless possibilities.

Throughout the class, Chuck shares his vision so that you understand the approach behind every technique. Bite-sized lessons include:

  • Shooting in Chicago
  • Composition tricks for architecture, still life, and landscape
  • Creative editing in 3 apps: Photoshop Express, SKRWT, VSCO

By the end, you'll have experimental art you can use for any number of projects, such as art exhibits, album covers, music posters, wall prints, or even just your Instagram feed.

Designers, photographers, and artists alike will love this behind-the-scenes blend of vision, tips, and real creativity!



Images courtesy of @nopattern