DIY Leather Crafting: How To Make A Leather Toiletry Bag (Intro To Sewing) | Auke & Jildou | Skillshare

DIY Leather Crafting: How To Make A Leather Toiletry Bag (Intro To Sewing)

Auke & Jildou, Design, DIY, fashion & creativity

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9 Lessons (10m)
    • 1. Introduction "Toiletry Bag"

    • 2. Tools

    • 3. About the leather

    • 4. Make your own pattern

    • 5. Pattern on the leather

    • 6. Sewing

    • 7. Making the flap

    • 8. Finishing touch

    • 9. Class project

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About This Class

About This Class

Learn step-by-step how to make this leather toiletry bag from scratch.

I will teach you how to make a leather toiletry bag. I've made a lot of leather products so I love to teach you one of my favorite items. I only make products from upcycled materials. So I hope you can also find some used leather like an old jacket or leather furniture.
So in this class I teach you step by step how to make this beautiful toiletry bag: 

  • What you need, materials and tools
  • How to make your own pattern
  • Working with your leather


1. Introduction "Toiletry Bag" : Hi, I'm yield out. But that's fishing. Designer read a passion for sustainable products. I started a brand school people which is focused on up cycled fashion into timeless designs . Lately, I've made a lot of products out of old letter like jackets or lead a furniture, so I made also distorted back. It's not hard at all if you know how to do it. So in this class I teach you step by step. How to make this so welcome to our you can do it yourself Siri's. 2. Tools: you need a few tools before we can start making the story in three back. What you need is a suing machine suing threats in the rights color Leather needles letter with the dimensions off 8.3 by 15 inches and the small piece off letter by 23 inches. A four paper so that it's 8.3 by 11.7 inches a ruler are good, strong scissors and the pen. 3. About the leather: about the leather. I always use use letter because it gives a vintage look. There's a big chance you can use old big decades or letter furniture I use for you strong calls leather, which is flexible but strong for the toiletry back. I used letter from two millimeters thick, so that is 0.8 inches. 4. Make your own pattern: this is Step one. Make your own pattern. We gonna make the pan with a four paper, the pen, a ruler and scissors. One. Pick up the paper and put it in front of you two. At the top. You can put a line from 9.5 centimeters, so that's 3.7 inches on both sites. Three now five centimeters. So that is 1.9 inches on both sides for and again 9.5 centimeters. So again, 3.7 inches at the bottom. You have rights plus seven cents meters. So plus 2.7 inches 54 line off three centimeters in the middle and cut out the middle. Here, I show you a result what you need to draw. 5. Pattern on the leather: step to draw the pattern on the letter. Take your piece of leather and rubber paradyne on the letter. You need seven centimeters, 2.7 inches extra on the bottom, so be sure that you have enough space left. Don't drown the open side on the letter because we need more letter on this side. So take your ruler and draw seven centimeters, 2.7 inches extra on the letter. Now cut out the whole piece. 6. Sewing: Step three suing. Now it's time to use your suing machine. Make sure you use the right goal. Is suing threats. I use the doctor cooler so you can see what I'm doing, I said. The states from the machine on 2.5 put the right sides together into only the long sites. Don't go back and forts to tighter suing threats because there is a big chance that the needle can break a student twice. So I make it more strong and the ends I can tie together. Now you have to open spaces left. You're going to sue these at right angles to each other. I do this also twice, and side trips together unfold the whole piece. This was the ceiling parts. 7. Making the flap: step for making the flat. Now we are going to make the flip. I'll show you how I like it, but you can also choose for not a shape. Take your ruler and the marker. Throw 1/2 in so 0.5 centimeters at the borns were stopped chewing, then draw weapons 18 inches. So the wrist, recent meters at the top, draw the line to each other in the little round and cut this out very neatly. 8. Finishing touch : Step five. Finishing touch. Thank you. Piece off leather and cover string off 50 centimeters long, so around 20 inches and 0.5 centimeters white. So that is zero open 19 inches. Take your ruler. I put a dot in the middle of two. Flap like one centimeter, so 0.4 inches from the line. Take your scissors and cut. Very need Lia ble in the letter. Take the string and make the end smaller but the string to the rule and put a knot in the string. You can decide the size of the string I choose, like the 50 centimeters like around 20 inches, but you can also make it smaller also put in up at the end of the string. 9. Class project: Klaus protects you made your own letter. Toiletry bag. How awesome is that? This is also the class projects. Make your own toiletry back. And she had this one with me. If you need help, ask me all your questions. And if you have any suggestions for more, you can do it yourself. Siri's. Please let us know. I really hope you loved and enjoy this class and hope to see you next time.