Creating Floral Typography With Masks in Affinity Designer for iPad | Tracey Smigielski Capone | Skillshare

Creating Floral Typography With Masks in Affinity Designer for iPad

Tracey Smigielski Capone, Illustrator & Photographer

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8 Lessons (1h 5m)
    • 1. Welcome | Class Project

    • 2. Downloads & Resources

    • 3. Creating Basic Flower & Leaf Shapes

    • 4. Creating Letters With Shapes

    • 5. Using Pre-Made Fonts

    • 6. Masking Your Florals With Shapes

    • 7. Using the Pencil Tool and Sculpt Mode

    • 8. Putting it All Together

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About This Class

Downloads can be found at this link.In this class, I will show you how you can use masking to create beautiful, textured floral typography, right on your iPad, using Affinity Designer. The man

The mask and reveal methods you will learn in this class can be applied to any shape you create in Designer, not just text.

You will learn:

-     How to set up a custom color palette for your design using the eye dropper tool and Designer's swatch    palettes.

-     How to create your own custom letter shapes using Designer's built in shapes and Geometric Operations

-     How to use the built in shapes in the Rectangle Tool, as well as the Pen and Pencil tools, to create the basic shapes for the flowers and leaves you will use in your design.

-    How to use a duplicate of your shape as a mask to clip and hide your florals inside of a base letter.

-    How to use the Sculpt mode on the Pencil tool to then reveal select portions of your clipped florals while the rest remains hidden. This gives the effect of the florals bursting out of the letter in select areas.

You will also receive, as a free download, a set of type assets and a font set that I have created especially for this class; I'll show you how to use them to create your own floral typography design. 

Downloads can be found at this link, and the password will be shared in the Downloads & Resources section of the class. 

PLEASE NOTE: This class is a follow up to my last class, "Affinity Designer for iPad: Creating Textured Florals" where I show you how to use Designer's dual vector and raster based tools to create beautiful, textured flower and leaf shapes. If you are new to Affinity Designer for iPad, I recommend starting with that class as I take you through the entire User Interface, break down the tools, and show you how to use them to create floral shapes as well as add texture to them. The floral shapes created in that class can be used for your project in this one.

If you have already taken that class, or are an intermediate user of Affinity Designer, let's create something new together!

Happy Creating!


Do you love textural digital illustrations as much as I do? Join my Textural Illustrations for Digital Artists Facebook Group. In this group, you can share your creations, learn tips and tricks for adding texture in the various digital apps, and ask questions of other artists who love texture as much as you do. Check out there group here.

** Affinity Designer is compatible with specific iPads. Click the link to find out more information on Serif's website.

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