Character Concept Art: From Initial Sketch to Final Design

Charlie Bowater, Concept Artist & Illustrator

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6 Videos (51m)
    • Preperation

    • Create Your Thumbnails

    • Refining

    • Variation

    • Adding the finishing details

    • Finishing Details Part 2


About This Class

Capture the essence of a character through concept art. I'll be taking you through the various steps of character creation, from the initial silhouettes through to a final polished design. I will focus on a particular genre of character but feel free to create any character you wish, as the methods can still be applied.

This class is perfect for anyone with a passion for art, from beginners to professionals looking to learn a different approach. This class will take you through the various steps of character concept art, showcasing your range of ability (a perfect portfolio piece for anyone interested in Concept Art!). 

What You'll Learn 

  • Sketch. The first stage of the class is to start sketching out rough thumbnails that focus purely on the shape and silhouette of your character. During this stage I will explain the importance of brush choices / strokes and speed.
  • Refine. I the next stage of the class we'll begin the process of refining the character. You'll have some pretty rough images from the thumbnail stage and will start cleaning them up and evaluating the design, shape, pose and structure of your thumbnails.
  • Variation. Standard with almost any character design, for clients in particular, next comes the stage of variation. Rarely will a client want to see a finished design instantaneously, We'll go through the process of picking a refined thumbnail as your starting point and varying the design to create alternatives.
  • Final Design. In the final stage you'll have chosen your final character design and it's time to add in some detail and really make the character shine. 

What You'll Do

You will create a final concept art piece, designing a character of your choice. This will be executed from start to finish, covering all essential techniques and ideas in concept art.

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Solid advice and a simple process that I think would ideal to any designer's workflow, especially if they find themselves not knowing how to start.
Charlie Bowater is one of my favorite artist. I first discovered her through my ImagineFX magazines. I got excited to see that she has a class here on Skillshare coz I really want to learn about her process. Highly recommend this class!
I absolutely loved it. I'm more of a traditional artist and I've dabbled in digital art before purely because the things I've seen so far have amazed me. I wish I had access to this class before. Because this was very very useful.





Charlie Bowater

Concept Artist & Illustrator

Charlie is a full time Concept Artist and part time Illustrator living in North East England.

Raised on 90's cartoons, she spent her childhood drawing her favorite cartoon characters and insisting to anyone who would listen: that she would grow up to be an animator.

She works as a concept artist for Atomhawk Design and spend the rest of her time illustrating and generally doodling! Her work has been featured in and she has created tutorials for publications such as Imagine FX and 3DTotal. She particularly enjoys book cover illustration and has created various covers for individuals and publishers, such as Simon & Schuster and Guterpunkt. Her professional concept work ranges from Pottermore to Dead Island Riptide and Injustice, to Gods Among Us. Variety is the spice of life!