Genetic Aberration - Character design

Genetic Aberration - Character design  - student project

This is are the first thumbnails on these character design class. I will be creating a genetic aberration or a sort of monster product of scientific experiments. I want this to be completely out of the ordinary, but at the same time must have sense, in a way that has recognizable features from other existent life forms.

I don't have a name for it yet. But I can imagine that is a sort of number or code use to identify the serial of the experiment.

Part 2

I'm beginning to cast some main lights on these dudes, some shadows too. Really general so I get a feel of the creature I'm against with. On some of them I already have an idea on how they're going to look, but some others (like 1, 2 or the last one) are kinda messy. Need some more refining and I'm gonna be selecting those that I think are more appropiate for the topic I chose. I don't say "those that I like the most" because I could love how they look, but maybe they're not the "genetic aberration" type. if you know what I mean...

I advanced on the dudes I kinda liked the most, also those I thought to be better for the topic I chose. They had to be the result of an experiment so it doesn't matter how much I like the buggie looking thing, it had to go with the topic.
Casted some more lights and shadows into them and started refining how could they really look.

  1. I'm really into this dude, This is the type of guy that was experimented with for a long time and became this obese-lobster dude, I kinda like the fact that he has this scales on his belly, so when you go to attack him it might feel threatened and arch itself backwards for protection.
  2. This dude is really cool. Is like this grasshopper thing that happened to land into a chemical waste landfill and became this. I love that head brain thing it has. Maybe poison?
  3. Well this guys is easy to figure out. It's like this mix between a farm pig and a mosquito. I can see some pink color for flesh and muscle. Really disgusting.
  4. This dude... I don't know. I kinda like him though because it really looks like the product of scientific experiments. Like if he got merged with this other guy, and they're completely different. I like the fact that he's asymmetrical. I would work more on the silhouette though.
  5. The last one was a complete dissapointment. It was the one I liked the most at the beginning. I mean I could almost see how this guy was going to look, but as I worked on it I could see this wasn't going to work. He's like... too much of an insect... demon thing. It looks cool like that. Demon. But has a genetic aberration... no. :/

So I guess I'll be working more tommorrow on these guys. I'll select three of them.My choices are those with a tag on top of them.

Gettin some dudes defined:

I selected these 3 guys and defined them a little bit more. Corrected some stuff. In any way. These 3 fellas are different classes of "genetic aberrations", I might say that I would pick any of them to finalize this. It's a tough decision. But I'm going to leave the two headed pall out. He's very antropomorphic making it a much more complex character rather than a creature, but I'm going to incline for a personal taste and say the other to monsters are much more interesting, way more field to play with if I want to do any variation, specially on the second one.

You could help me out.

Part 3

I took model 1  and started the variation process on it. I put way more definition into it, like texture feel and more shape. Took several image references out of the web and stayed with some concepts I liked about them and was sure to be a great help on the design. I feel I could have done way more variations to this dude, but I rather to stay with simple ideas and try to have fun on this, since it's more of an exercise than a real job.

My choices are between 1 and 3...
In 4 I'm not fully convinced about the slug texture, I kinda like the little spider legs and without them it just looks like Jabba the Hutt.
I like subject number 2, but I'm also not convinced about the design. He just look like a giant cluster fuck between all of the dudes. Like... fat, but muscly, spidey sluggish kinda dude. Maybe he's nice to keep researching on. But since I want to step on this, he's out.

Part 4
Final details

I added final details for the character. Now it looks disgusting. Just how I wanted. Made a colored version too.

This is another dude I had in mind for the project. You can see it in Part 4.  I didn't liked it that much because then i realized that the human part of the character is an important characteristic into the design of the aberration. makes it look way more genetically manipulated than a different species by its own. This one is like a bug, octopus, hog thing.

Well, any advices, comments or critiques are very welcome. Let me know your thoughts about this.

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