Bigger, Better, Different: Creative Photo Editing | Sam Morrison | Skillshare

Bigger, Better, Different: Creative Photo Editing

Sam Morrison, Photographer

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10 Lessons (30m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Project: Make 1 Photo Bigger, Better, or Different

    • 3. Asessing Your Photos

    • 4. Making it Bigger

    • 5. Making it Better

    • 6. Editing it Better

    • 7. Making it Different

    • 8. Editing it Different

    • 9. Wrap Up

    • 10. Explore Photo Classes on Skillshare

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About This Class

Join photographer Sam Morrison for a 30-minute, behind-the-camera look at how to create photos in his signature "Bigger, Better, and Different" style. You'll work with existing images and learn how to improve each one using a variety of techniques. 

This class challenges you to question and improve aspects of your work that you may have never considered, but that are key to creating your most creative images.

In the video lessons, you'll follow Sam to one of his favorite NYC spots and learn valuable insider tips as he manipulates 3 images from his own portfolio. Key techniques including altering lighting in Photoshop, ways to re-shoot an image to switch up your composition, using props to change a photo's concept, and more.

This class is great for amateur and aspiring photographers alike. Challenging yourself in the creative process is critical for every level of gear, skill, and style!

Note: These videos involve fire and hazardous situations, all executed by professionals. Please always act responsibly.





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Sam Morrison


Sam creates things that make people think and feel. In 2013, after graduating from Syracuse University's iSchool, Sam moved to Brooklyn, NY and delved into the just-forming Instagram community. Now he's pursuing a greater understanding of native advertising and social engagement by reading a lot of books, taking advertising courses, and experimenting with his own social channels.

You can find more information about him, as well as client work on his website

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