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Become Great With Coffee: From Beginner to Barista

teacher avatar Neelakanth André, World of Latte Art Barista

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

25 Lessons (1h 3m)
    • 1. Coffee and Latte Art Intro

    • 2. The History of Coffee: Where Has Coffee Been Born?

    • 3. The Farmers Place: Wet and Dry Process

    • 4. Rating the Quality: Cupping

    • 5. The Tasting Wheel

    • 6. Different Ways of Brewing: Intro

    • 7. V60 Pourover

    • 8. French Press

    • 9. Aeropress

    • 10. Bialetti Percolator: Mokapot

    • 11. Coldbrew

    • 12. The Proper Espresso

    • 13. How to Latte Art: Intro

    • 14. How to Foam Up Milk the Right Way

    • 15. Pouring Technique

    • 16. Latte Art Basics: Rosetta

    • 17. Latte Art Basics: Heart + Variations

    • 18. Latte Art Basics: Tulip

    • 19. Latte Art Intermediate: Swan

    • 20. Latte Art Intermediate: Inverted Tulip

    • 21. Latte Art Drawing: Butterfly

    • 22. Latte Art Drawing: Bear

    • 23. Latte Art Drawing: Duck

    • 24. Latte Art Drawing: Peacock

    • 25. Latte Art Drawing: Sunset Tree

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About This Class

The World of Latte Art Coffee online Workshop will give you an insight in what the job of a Barista is about. You will learn about the history of coffee, the way how roasters taste their coffee, what kind of brewing methods there are and we will give you a deep insight in the world of latte art. After this workshop you have got all the needed information to become a barista.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Neelakanth André

World of Latte Art Barista


Hi there!

We are barista Neelakanth and Andre, 

Currently barista at a Specialty Coffee bar in the Netherlands, specialized in latte art. Together,  we founded the worldwide World of Latte Art community.


Apart from being a barista i also do stuff with social media and some piano/guitar playing.

If there is something  I am passionate about, it is latte art. It has been my dream to spread this passion in the broadest ways possible. I have travelled to different countries in the world to experience what the importance of latte art is in different cultures. Together with André we are combining experiences and art around the world with you guys. 


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1. Coffee and Latte Art Intro: Hi, guys. I'm very sad news from Rule of Blood er and my dream is to share a passion for coffee and not our with as many people in the world as possible. The way I want to achieve this is to share my knowledge and continue learning myself. This is a course where I'm going to guide you through the adventure off. Have you ever wanted which stages are necessary to lead to your beautiful couple? Do you want to become a brace yourself to make his beautiful heart for peak up in your cappuccino? Or do you want to start off the cuff place for self? This course will guide you through the most important stages in the world of coffee, and we'll make a passionate about learning more and more enjoy. 2. The History of Coffee: Where Has Coffee Been Born?: nobody knows where first coffee has being drunk, but the story goes that wrote, Her colony in 15th Century in Ethiopia has discovered the potential off. He was feeling the coffee grapes to his goats and found out he could not handle this goats when they have been eating the's grace from Ethiopia. Things actually went to a rate, too, where, they say was the drunk for centuries unto. From Europe, the traders in 17 century went to Arabia. So the coffee drink coffee and we're overwhelmed by a copy made you get to Europe. Spread it all over this country, and they were actually calling bitter invention off safe. Nowadays, coffee plants from OSI Arabica and reduce the family are being grown around once called be built arabica. Producing these are primarily to please any family of coffee, which are consumable by humans, where they're actually mawr than 60 different time families. In this coffee, the Iraqi babies are sweet tastes. They're growing in a higher altitude and are a little larger and be insights. Then he wrote, seconds when reduced beans mawr have sharpness, taste more misogynists and more about your abuse. Abi's Can she grow everywhere? Are much less affected by insects. The arrival of a new world white production off Iraqi reduce our 70% arrived at 30% Rabbu signs. 3. The Farmers Place: Wet and Dry Process: forms and defense are picking the coffee grapes from plants, and they're doing everything by hand because it's a very secure process. Action is being is not right enough for two, right? It will reflect to flavor in a very bad way. So it's a very secure press when these beans, or when these grapes are actually picked from the place they need to dry. There are more or less two main ways off drying the coffee bean, and this is possible. 80. Break itself or with me, Great. The process with the great around cop abuse actually the easiest way off drying becoming me . It's also the oldest process off drunk company. This is called dry process. This will take from six weeks. Still 12 weeks until the great is very slight. Sighs be dried out. The coffee actually has the time to let all the fruity flavors from the great go into the country. Israel result. Actually, a more sweetie more fruit nous inside of your cover. The whip proceeds goes as follow the outer show the coffee great, actually being removed from the scene with the parchment actually intact. This happens by putting a love water large stream of water so the great will actually be removed from being. Graves are being used on the plant, Ege or they're making compost from a and coffee beans are put inside of a large trunk, where they will rest for 48 to 72 hours. The partial mayor around Coffee bean will result a slights fermentation process because their love alcohols of shooters inside of this Parchin layer also said two hours there also removing this by Washington. Then coffee has got the superstate around, and that's totally fine, because in the roasting process this will also follow. But now it's going to rest for a bit, is being drying out, and it's ready to ship. Studio rose three per movie roasted. 4. Rating the Quality: Cupping: it all starts with coffee. It's like against. For roads, streets, coffee company is important taste, equality, the aromas, body mouth and city off coffee. We're making sure that all the varietals as grand and courses of the coffee and Greenwich and leave off the water are you saying the different batches during the entire time off a couple crust. First of all, we're going to smell our different batches. Then we're going to pour over some hot water and the water will be a runs 95 degrees. A month off Grant we have been using is eight grands, and if we have this cup entire full, it will be 150 grand's off water. So alter that, often poring over, we're waiting for about four minutes until they're starts to form shell crust on the top. Offer this with the way we're going to great through this show, and this is actually the moment we're able to taking most of the aromas. Then we're going to finish off. We're going to clean across the border. If you coffee, we're going to taste. So you're going to smell going to pour over quarter Fertility closes entirely for one to. So that's it. I'm gonna set my timer and four minutes we will be better. So we're gonna before minutes have passed and we're going to break the shells. Make sure that while bringing the show, you're taking enough aromas of coffee. Clean your spoon between different kinds of bags. Smells amazing, but we're now about to do is we're going our coffee by removing the crust on a chop. So we have take clear service from these surface will actually chase our company since it's actually quite hot, still will be waiting about 30 to 60 seconds to let it cool down, because when companies cool down a little, we will be able to much easier taste the different kind of flavors coffee, the way we're going to tasty coffee he's by. Can you leave a bit off there coffee and zipping it a slurping, actually, with us much here as possible, so flavors will come out very well since the water is actually being in a very long contact with coffee. There is a love coffee inside. So what I would suggest you doing it's not drink everything but just spit it out in the same cover, you have thrown the crust. So that is sit, guys, that's how cutting boards with the company process. There actually is also a beautiful couple table, which I will also attach in this course. So you will have a clear view of how the cupping table looks like, and you can do it yourself course. 5. The Tasting Wheel: All right, guys, this is the coffee Tasers wheel, which rose trees are using to describe a coffee and scribe. The which flavors there inside, and the way they're doing it is first, describe the body off the coffee and the body were describing as mouth feel the, um, the waste perceived ways off the coffee inside your mouth and this can be a light to medium to heavy. This'll is a little bit off a personal thing. It's quite relative, but see, there are a lot of coppers who are trying the same coffees at the same time. They will just look at what most guesses are, and this will be the description off the coffee. So after we have been looking at the body, were going to the flavor well on the flavor. Will you see in the mill? Some broad ranges with fruits category chocolate, Swedish, Every nuts. We got some spies in the middle, some earthy, some fake it'll floral, and these are all quite broad ranges in flavor aspect. So we're also starting from the beginning, looking in what way will have to search for the flavors. And after we have in describing this, we're looking in the outer ring, which are the more specific flavors and what you have written this down. Then you have a clear view on how the taste of the coffee is for you. The right table describes what kind of objectives and intensive fires you could serve a next year. Coffee. So these are some categories off food or drinks, which will bring the flavor off the coffee actually up. 6. Different Ways of Brewing: Intro: in the upcoming six videos. I'm going to show you what kind of waste there actually are to make some beautiful coffee. I'm going to go through fee 64 over the French press, the Arab press. I'm going to make a cold brew coffee. Also, I'm going to make the reality bear collateral espresso and just a regular espresso from the espresso machine. These ways of making coffee are, in my opinion, essential for a starting Marissa to master. So I'm going to go through them. The espresso I'm actually going to make in the cafe itself with my friend Andre. And we're going to show you some beautiful latte art, so enjoy. 7. V60 Pourover: Alright, guys, let's do some poor over. We got our set up. We got to skills off which one milligram skill and one grand skill. Of course, we got our coffee, the grinder. And very important, we'll start off by folding culture. But this so it will fit into the set up. Then we are poring over a little bit of boiling water to get rid off paper flavor and to meet up ourselves. Then already wait. Some espresso, please. I'm going to put it in Breiner, so make sure you are using the medium coarseness. This would actually be perfect for your grinds so and he feels her beans Are you set up? Has had time to heat up. We're poor our coffee beans. We will get rid off the water, Turn on the skill and we will start 40 for stuff We're going sporting a little bit off water. This water will activate coffee. It will bring a life. It will bring some oxygen. You will actually see it pop up a little and this is very important to make the coffee beans ready for for just wait about 20 to 30 seconds until you've done it and then we're going to continue our make sure while you're poring over that you were doing it. Very small circles. Not too much on the surface. Not too much in the middle. Just between middle we're seeing It's a new for just stuff for small moments. Sort of. You're doing it. Smell it. It's beautiful what I do. I'm using one grand off coffee and 70 grams of water. So per gram of coffee, I'm using 17 reds of water. So I'm using Keating grants off coffee, which equals about 250 grams of water. I'm there. Just wait a small moment. So all the water has flown out of filter in its inside, so I don't and we're done are beautiful. 8. French Press: well into the French press. So today I'm going to show you how to make a French press, and I'm going to show you that it's actually the easiest way making a beautiful couple, for example, here in a hurry in the morning. You want to take some great coffee schools you work or you want to travel with, and this is the way how to do it. So I've already way of my amusing picture grants off coffee when people, too, about 250 grams off water if using 1 to 17. So one brand coffee on 17 rents off water. I'm going to, and it's so my coffee ground companies just cried like a measure off my water. Don't anything crazy. Just according gently, slowly kill you. 250 Grand's So this is it. So now I got time to tell a little more the bottle French press seats. I will have to wait about three minutes to my French French press if you compare it to, For example, just a regular pore over with a picture. 16. The's coffee is actually quite have any body. If you compare it to the reason why is because a regular era press for if you see filter, which has a very narrow ducks where the water can flow through the same goes actually for the irregular pore over. So filter off the French press as much larger openings. So the benefits the company will actually be able to go through to be in drinkable part off coffee. Funny, I describe as the amount off strong this amount off situation off the coffee in your mouth . Coffee. It's already being there for about three minutes. I'm going to put this one on the top and just khushi down works. So any coffee residue is going downwards and you will keep the clear part of the coffee. Oh, just when you're feeding some kind of riddle assistance stuff, doing it now you have a beautiful a couple of French press, so I'm gonna pour a little bit in. No, because I want to try it. But the rest I actually want you keep. I want to take it to my school. So I'm going to use my terrible keeping you nice and warm like this. Remember to as quickly as possible pour outs your French press after you're done extracting . Why? Because the coffee is still in contact with the original. It's stooped processing. So when you're done when the tide is done, just poured everything out here. Treatment or not, you're drinking. You're nice cup if you're saving it for a little later used term Apollo. 9. Aeropress: All right, guys. Now we're gonna make an error press first way. We're going to the upper parts on the bottom part with you, Robert, we'll find in there is some pressure. That's that. We are poor. Make sure everything is You're still looming. 1 to 17. So on 17 prints off water. So we're going Previ, our fielder like this for a little bit off 80 degrees water. 18 self quarter. So hey, filter who? Get rid off. No, we're for it. Border Yes, way we're going world. Some work here, but you don't for me. Make sure worst don't be too much because it might. All right, So let rest for about 2 to 3 minutes. You're clean air press on top and jack me crazy air through. So the water flow into the plus through any pain. When you hear this, it's done. It's something for you. Beautiful 10. Bialetti Percolator: Mokapot: Alright, guys, let's make some Bielik BLM coffee is actually made in Italy. It's the way to make a real Italian espresso the classical way it contains out of three parts. Describe it Open. This is the over part which you will find the espresso shock. In later room, we got the middle parts in which we're gonna pour our coffee grind and we got the bottom part. It's your arrest. So far, we're gonna pour in some water and then we're gonna make our espresso. So first off, it's very important that you were fitting up. He bought apart. Just unto this bottom line, you will see over here they all have this. All the abilities have thes. It's just the line over here, you see. So I'm gonna pouring some cold water like that. Then I'm gonna put the part where I'm going to put in the espresso beans on the top. It's like this very solid. These are my ground espresso beans. So just fill it up nicely until everything is full like this. Don't temperate too much, because the way be letting works is that the water on the bottom will be heated up. Steam will form will go through the middle part through the espresso beans also into the upper part, which I'm going to put on the top and esteem will actually go through. These two openings in my espresso shot will be seen here on the top. But I'm gonna make a small adjustment. I'm not gonna make it the classical turn you away. I'm gonna do something different. I'm gonna use a filter from the Aero Press This era press filter I'm gonna put on the top before putting on the upper parts from the and first off course I'm gonna Prewett it like this So we will get rid off the paper flavor And what tea filter off the Arab press actually will do. It will make the espresso which will come out much more delicate. It will make it much less strong. It will give it less body, and it will make it more dedicated. So it depends. Of course, on your preference, both methods are fine. The classical method is without the air oppressed filter, of course, but we will see how the espresso it comes out like so we're just putting it on the gas. I'm gonna turn on the gas like this, and it's all so in the meantime, water on the bottle parts will heat up and we will wait until we see popping out the espresso. You know, it's coming up when you're hearing the Norse and look at it. It's already flowing out. And this is how to make the beautiful reality espresso until you see it's topping until the water it has been flown out to the top. It is done. You can turn off your guess. Six. I'm going to pouring my espresso look, just beautiful delicates. Espresso smells amazing. It looks amazing. And it is off course, very intense because I'm still using keeps letting and the beans I have been grinding were very, very fine. Grind it, but still it's more delicate. It has got less body because I have been using the ever press filter 11. Coldbrew: Now I'm going to make cold brew I'm using for microbrew French Press my regular fees. 16. I'm using a little bit off flavor sugary flavor because I like my cold coffee cold brew a little sweet And I got my regular water cold and so medium groaned Beaks Reason why I'm using the meeting Grind Still, toe course grind actually is because it will be much more sweet. It will be less bitter, and this is actually what I want with my corporal. So I'm throwing the beans inside. French Chris pouring in. Cool border. About 250 Gramps. But this and I'm letting this stay for at least two hours. You can let it say for 12 hours, but resting about two hours, actually. Quite so. He's a fridge and I will be back in two hours. So I met. It's beautifully cool. What I'm going to, you know, I'm going to finish it off like I regularly do with the French press, just very slowly, indelicately pressing down the coffee like this. You see that they got a beautiful brown flavor and this is not everything, actually, because the French press has got quite some large spots where also a lot of limits could go through. It's still quite heavily, but and I want to be. I wanted to be a little less heavy body, so I'm also filtering it with my feet 60. This what actually takes on time. The beans I'm using are quite light. Rose it because I really like my cold coffee. My cold brew very like very delicate. A little sweet but perfectly for a hot summer day. Almost looks like tea so you can give your filter and nice here. So where will flow up a little faucet? It doesn't really matter, because the only important thing about this filter, you say, well, get rid off the large amounts off. It's so everybody will be much lower than you know normally get from the French press. So that's pretty much about it. Putting this one over here. This is my cold brew, and I'm adding a little bit off pistachio. Just 40 delicate sweet flavor also lose four like this. She looks a little greenish now really cool, and I'm putting this one into the fridge again today. Rest for about one hour. After one hour, I will be able taste to drinking into a 12. The Proper Espresso: I'm going to show you how to make the proper espresso. I have my grinder over here, which is adjusted Well, actually, it's very important when you're putting your based on outs, you're just making sure that you haven't already quite flits the espresso beans. These are espresso coarseness, so I would say it's about off. The course is off regular souls. So now I am going to Tim breathe, and with tempering, it's very important. Before pressing, it's entirely suggest put it on the top just with three fingers. So you will be sure that before President entirely you have your temper just on the rides, fucked and on the right service. No, I'm pressing it and I'm finishing it off with a little stir. And you see, it's a nice horizontal layered espresso shop. The recent by it has to be very or is. Entity is because when I'm putting my keystone inside of the machine, there will be pressure water going through the S president and water you have to remember will always search for the least resistance. So if you're doing it like a little like this, the water we will go into away on the site, and you will not use this side off your espresso entire. So need to be very flats. No hi putting and might be some turning it. And it's very important that I first pressing the button before putting the cups underneath it. Why? Because the upper part off the machine is very hot, and when you're not directed, pressing the button beans on the top will actually burn. And this will like your flavor for a beautiful Cramer layer. Just make sure you're using the right amount of Graham itch for your espresso extraction and are using the right destruction time. I am personally using between 18 and 22 grams off espresso beans for a double shot of espresso and destruction time variety from around 20 seconds to 35 seconds. So, president, your button. Then you can put your espresso cups or your cappuccino cups underneath the machine, and you have some beautiful espresso 13. How to Latte Art: Intro: All right, guys, for this part of the course, the lot are part. I'm with my colleague. My name is under way. We're gonna help you to make some lot, lot under a yeast. The king in Lahti are He's going to show you that there are three main figures to make every kind of latte art. So we will help into these three main. Not our figures will show you how to do it. You explain everything and alter that we will do so, Freeport. Lots of art. And we will do some drawing, so enjoy. 14. How to Foam Up Milk the Right Way: All right, now I'm going to show you how to make the proper milk. Remember, with steaming up your milk, that's there are different kind of ways to make your right milk. But I would recommend if you're starting with practicing, just hold on to one specific way. If you have monster this way to do it, then you can just yourself. Now you can figure out which way works better for you. But I would recommend just starting it to learning one specific way. And I'm going to show you how so. First we have this picture. We have the steaming fight and go to pouring some full fit milk. I'm used before that milk because things milk has potential to rise up quite well, actually. And then you will get the creamy cappuccino milk you actually want to. So, no, I'm going to clean the steaming pipe by putting mine towel around it and opening it. I'm putting my child around the steaming type, actually, because I won't burn myself this way. And also because otherwise water can flow out everywhere and it will get missing. So I got my milk. It's very important. First of all, to get the right amount off air inside of my milk the way how to do it. Despite putting the down part off the seeming pipe on the surface of the milk in the small moments and going to open it, you will see the milk actually increase, and after 1.5 seconds, I'm going to put the seeming pipe further inside of the milk. So it's won't rice anymore, and it will only heat up until I cannot touch it anymore. And then it's more or less around the right temperature. It will be then around 60 till 65 degrees Celsius, and then the milk is actually perfectly for making cappuccino with. So I'm going to open it one of seconds. I'm going to need it up. I cannot touch it anymore, and I will stop now. It's very important to just let it rest for a moment just like this, swirling too little. You have a perfect cappuccino 15. Pouring Technique: all right. This field will be about pouring technique after you've steamed up your milk. It is very important to know way too long before you start your story, because milk, any milk phone just teamed up well for two layers. Because phone isn't doing less heavy than new, you will be the down part of the formal way. Wanted to be mixed, so it's very important to know way too long before you start for it. Warren consists roughly out of two different parts. Hard one is filling the cup. If our two is forming your hearts with defending the cup part, it is very important to pour in from a distance What you're pouring from a distance. You're allowing your cup your coffee inside of your cup to mix really well so brownish color will stay intact on the ground. Color is actually necessary to form your latte. Art wide lot art on the top. Make sure you're not going to false and not too slow. So what I would recommend you doing and use as a guideline, you see, use pace that is no dripping. It does. When you're dripping, you will form a love balls each side of your milk. It's very important for a new false but not much fuss because you want to allow yourself to give yourself enough time to make some beautiful Lottie are so after your cup is almost entirely make sure you are bringing up your picture and finish everything off. The reason why we are bringing up our picture and closing it off is to allow the milk you go to dive underneath the form milk from layer you're cutting through your art finishing dried out yourself. It's a love practice you should actually do, and when you have done that good and you will come better and better, so good luck. 16. Latte Art Basics: Rosetta: Let's start off with making a Rosetta knee. Rosetta is one of the three base let er figures, and next to the heart, one of the EEC slutty art figures to make Fill up your cup for half with milk from a distance is very important to hold the picture from a distance, because only then will you be able to keep the brown, gold ish color intact. Bring the picture just a little closer to the middle of the cup and continue fiber rating at the same spots in the cup. You will see white girls for me after the curls don't get pushed downwards, and they're tending to get at this same heights off your picture. Slowly move your picture to the upper side of the cup. After you have reached the top, bring up your picture and cut through all the girls all the way to the bottom. You have just make yourself a great Rosetta 17. Latte Art Basics: Heart + Variations: Let's make a heart. Just fill up your cup until your cup is almost for 75% full. Just stop pouring for a moment and almost push the rest off your milk into your cup. You will see forming a white dot after you formed dots, and your cup is almost entirely full to bring up your picture and cut through the ducts, you just make yourself beautiful heart. There are also some variations on the heart. One of them is he smoky heart for the smoky heart, it is very important to create a whirlpool like stream of milk. When your cup is almost entirely full, bring back your picture closer to the cup and start increasing the way your fi braiding and when you're cups almost entirely full, just bring your picture to the middle. Increase your speed for a moments. Bring your picture up and cut through it. Another fiery ation. You see Halo Heart. The halo heart is basically a small chip. Fill up your cup till it's full for 75%. Make a small dog by increasing the picture to the surface off the milk suffering and almost pushed the next dug deep into the 1st 1 at the same time, vibrates a little with up your wrist. After some practice, you will see that the first up is closing around a new dot you just poured in. 18. Latte Art Basics: Tulip: the chill up is 1/3 base form Lati art figure and, in my opinion, the hardest one off the 32 monster. In this video, we're going to show you how to make a beautiful pouring some milk from a distance, both your cup in an angle and pouring milk in the deepest part of the cup. When your cup is full for 50% start fiber rating your wrist while you pour into the deepest part off the couple. Why, you see popping up a white dot stop entirely with pouring your milk. It is very important to not wait too long with making the next stop, because it will become harder and harder to form the dots. Start again with pouring and almost push the next ducked into the previous one stuff again with pouring and repeat this as many times as possible until the copies almost full. When you reached this point, bring up your picture and cut through all the layers. He just made yourself a beautiful Children 19. Latte Art Intermediate: Swan: he swung. Combines two major forms. Hero set on the hunt for in milk in your company formed a bass leaves off the Rossetti. Do not cut through the leaves, but got through the site of the Rosetta. Increase your pace off pouring for a moment, so mawr white foam will come out. You just form the body. Just slowly draw the neck with less pace of pouring to the place you want to form. Yet when you're at the right spots, creature pace for a small moment again when you want to make his head. After making the base of the ducks, bring up your cup and cut through it. You just form yourself this one. 20. Latte Art Intermediate: Inverted Tulip: very important with the inverted chill it. It's the whole church cup in a way so that you are able to turn your cup without forcing your risk in problematic directions in the basis is off course. Actually, just make sure for the first part you're pouring in the Children not until the site off the cup but Tilly mill. When you have made two or three layers, just turn your cup and almost push first layer in the last layer you just made from there. Just finish up your cup with layers and cut through all the layers. There you go, a beautiful, inverted Children. 21. Latte Art Drawing: Butterfly: the butterfly as well. It's a very e z piece off Lottie Art, but still very beautiful. Just form heart. That's your base. Maybe body like this. Just make the feelers off the butterfly by putting some off the white milk form on your pencil and drone it into the middle of the heart by pushing your pencil from downwards sideways into the middle. Like this, you already made the wings. Repeat this two times and you make yourself a beautiful butterfly. 22. Latte Art Drawing: Bear: Now we're off to make a beautiful bear. The bear is a very simple piece of lots of heart because he only thing you need to do are making two layers like the Children. Just make one large one by increasing your fibre rations and making it larger, and insert one smaller one, which will form the mouths off the bear. Just form the ears by bringing lines from the large circle on the top to each other. Create one coffee dot and form the mouth off the bear out of it for the eyes. There are many things you could actually do. We chose to make the ice with the brown dots, followed by a white dot and another small brown dot again. So there you go. You just make yourself a beautiful bear. 23. Latte Art Drawing: Duck: in this video, we're going to make a duck sort of. By making a troop. Make sure that the 1st 2 layers are in the centre off the middle, but that all the other layers are a little next to the meal. We're not cutting through the layers in set. Just grab a spoon and place a white milk from duck next city. Layers this dot will form the head. Make a beak and the ice with your pencil. Furthermore, work you can off course decorated, stuck the way how you want it. We like to make a pattern off points on the bottom just to fill up the cup with the art. 24. Latte Art Drawing: Peacock: Peacock Issa Riel, eye catcher and quite easy to make. Just make some layers like Chip and Foreman Eslite shape. If you cannot do this, just make this a shape with your school So now it's important to finish off body. Make sure there is some brown colored layer between body and you line your about Drove to form their wings form the beat by drawing the actual the s shaped downwards Foreman I nd crown off the peacock by drawing some white dots on the top of the head off the peacock. Now we're forming the beautiful feathers off the pickup by drawing lines to the middle off the cup. Finish your feathers the way you like it. We're drawing some dots with chocolate, his eyes off the feathers. This is the personal touch you can give to your own peacock. You can do as many things with it actually like you could actually also give it a lot of different kind of colors. This will make your peacock a colorful piece of art 25. Latte Art Drawing: Sunset Tree: for the amazing looking Sunset Tree. It's not much of skill involved Onley some ingredients and some time, the hardest. Part two monster is to make this piece of art in a specific amount of time because you don't want to drink or serve your drink cold for the base. Just make these son by drawing a dot in the middle of the cup like this. Grab some cocoa powder and formed the horizon. Be sure to hold your hand sideways in the middle of the cup. Otherwise you powder will spurt anywhere in the cup. You don't have these horizon. Clean the edge off the cup. So now we've formed the horizon were just grabbing the pencil and draw some nice lying on the horizon. Now we're grabbing our pencil and making the trees. Make sure that after each line you're drawing to clean your pencil. When you have formed a tree and it's brunching and all the other trees said well, fits in your cup and be sure don't drawing too much off the trees. Otherwise it will only get messy and the beauty off the piece of art will fade. Then rep your spoon, which is filled with cocoa powder and just gently ah, press a small amount of cocoa powder from your spoon. On the piece of art, it's cocoa powder will form the leafs on the top off the trees. If you would like to vary eight in the color off the Leafs, he could, for example, also make some beautiful white blossoms with powder sugar. Or you could use in yellowish ottoman ish leaves with yellow cinnamon. And there you have it. You just made yourself a beautiful sunset tree.