Animated Information Graphics: An Introduction to Maya 3D | Graham Roberts | Skillshare

Animated Information Graphics: An Introduction to Maya 3D

Graham Roberts, Senior Editor in Graphics at The New York Times

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9 Lessons (1h 26m)
    • 1. Inspiration

    • 2. Getting started with Maya

    • 3. An overview of basic modeling techniques and practices

    • 4. Modeling a thermos

    • 5. An overview of basic animation techniques and practices

    • 6. Animating the thermos model

    • 7. An overview of basic rendering techniques and practices

    • 8. Rendering the thermos

    • 9. A look at working with data sets in Maya


About This Class

This class will get you started on how to model, render, animate, and visualize data using the power of 3-dimensional design, and give a foundational overview of the 3D software package, Autodesk Maya. Graham has been using this software to create a wide variety of information design projects at The New York Times, and will relate these skills to work created in the journalism environment and beyond.

We recommend taking Graham's first Skillshare class, Animated Information Graphics: using data and motion to reveal the story, as well, which takes a broad stroke approach, and teaches through a wide range of examples how to use data and motion to create compelling visual stories.






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Graham Roberts

Senior Editor in Graphics at The New York Times

Graham Roberts is a Senior Graphics Editor at The New York Times. He creates work for both print and digital editions, as part of the NYT graphics department.

His work has been recognized by the Emmy's, the Society of News Design, Malofiej, the Online News Association, the Webby's, the Cooper Hewitt National Design Awards, the Peabody Awards, the Scripps Howard Awards and the Pulitzer Awards.

He is a graduate of the Digital Media Design program at the University of Pennsylv...

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