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Wolves aren’t just fierce, fast, powerful animals—they have a certain cool factor, as evidenced by the internet-famous Three Wolf Moon shirt. 

Want to learn how to draw a wolf? If you’re not sure where to begin or what type of wolf you want to draw, we have you covered. Below, find a wide variety of tutorials for how to draw a wolf step by step, from cute cartoons to hyperrealistic illustrations

How to Draw a Wolf Step by Step

Considering the wild popularity of the Three Wolf Moon shirt, it’s no surprise that you want to learn how to draw a wolf. Drawing a wolf typically starts with an understanding of the animal’s general anatomy, but from there, you can create all different types of wolf drawings, from cartoon to realistic. Below, we explore how to draw a wolf step by step in several different styles and formats. 

How to Make Wolf Drawing Easy

wolf sketch
Drawing a wolf starts with understanding the animal’s basic anatomy. 

Understanding the anatomy of a wolf is key to making wolf drawings easy. In this class, instructor Wacha Michael—who has spent many years experimenting with drawing all types of animals—teaches you everything you need to know about drawing wolves. Once you understand a wolf’s anatomy, from its muscle structure to its facial features, you’ll be well equipped to illustrate this powerful creature with ease. 

How to Create Cute Wolf Drawings 

cartoon fox
Certain features, like a rounded body and short limbs, can contribute to a cute wolf drawing. 

When you think of cute animals, a wolf might not be first on your list. But if you want to create a cute wolf drawing, don’t lose hope. There are certain elements that you can incorporate into your drawing to boost it’s cuteness factor—like a rounded body, shorter limbs, and a large head in proportion to the body. In this class, freelance designer and Skillshare instructor Cathy Wu teaches you all about the science behind cute characters, so you have everything you need to draw a sweet, snuggly wolf. 

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How to Make a Wolf Drawing Cartoon

woman with wolf
Skillshare student Meg Viola created this wolf drawing cartoon in Procreate. 

Drawing a cartoon wolf is deceptively easy when you use Procreate and a reference photo. In this class, instructor Maria Lia Malandrino shows you how to turn a photo into a cartoony piece of art. The course covers how to sketch the subject of the photo and identify which features you want to emphasize, which is key to giving your drawing a cartoon-like look. Once you have a rough sketch, you will learn how to use color, lighting, and shading to create a final illustration. 

How to Create Cool Wolf Drawings

watercolor wolf
Elevate a cool wolf drawing into a mixed media masterpiece with paint, acrylic gel, and collage paper. 

You can create a cool wolf drawing—but why stop there? In this class, you’ll learn how to take your wolf drawing and elevate it into a mixed media work of art. Skillshare instructor Doris Charest explains how to layer paint, acrylic gel, and collage papers on top of your initial sketch to create something that’s unique, eye-catching, and lots of fun. 

How to Create Wolf Drawings in Pencil

wolf sketch
This wolf drawing in pencil uses cross-hatching to illustrate fur. 

A pencil is a great tool for creating a wolf sketch. It’s not only erasable—which is key for finessing your drawing as you go—but it’s also blendable, so you can add effective shading to your composition. In his class on drawing animals, instructor Geoffrey Jacobs explains how to use pencil techniques to create different kinds of realistic-looking fur. Once you nail the wolf’s anatomy, adding fur can take your drawing to the next level. 

How to Draw a Wolf for Beginners

wolf drawing
Learning to draw wolves begins with carefully analyzing photos of wolves in a variety of poses and from multiple angles. 

If you’ve never drawn a wolf before, it’s best to start by looking at a wide variety of reference photos. Analyze pictures of wolves in all different postures—standing, running, sitting, etc.—and from several different angles. Once you generally understand the anatomy and movement of a wolf, you can focus on its facial features. For a walkthrough of the entire process of how to draw a wolf for beginners, this class dives into each feature individually. 

How to Make a Realistic Wolf Drawing

savage wolf
Adobe Photoshop is a great tool for making a realistic wolf drawing. 

Looking for something a little less cute and cartoony? If you want to create a realistic wolf drawing, try Skillshare instructor Chris Scalf’s class on drawing and painting a realistic werewolf in Photoshop. OK, so you’ll technically learn how to draw a werewolf, but don’t worry; the class teaches valuable tips for drawing a wolf’s fur, teeth, and facial structure—all in terrifyingly realistic detail. 

How to Draw a Wolf Head

wolf sketch
Using a reference photo can help you make sure the features are correctly placed when you draw a wolf head. 

To draw a wolf head accurately, it can be helpful to use a reference photo. That way, you can be sure all features are in the right place. In his class on how to draw wolves, instructor Wacha Michael recommends you start with a simple circle. That will act as your guide for where to place the eye, where the snout begins, and where to position the ears. Once you’ve drawn the basic features, you can pencil in fur to make the sketch more realistic. 

How to Draw a Wolf Howling

howling wolf
Want to create an iconic wolf image? Learn how to draw a wolf howling at the moon.

A wolf howling into the night sky is arguably one of the most iconic poses you can illustrate. Unlike many of the other wolf drawings here, this image is less focused on anatomically correct features and more on the emotion and movement of the howling wolf. Really, it’s all about getting the snout and mouth positioned correctly, and the rest of the wolf’s body remains simple. To add a dynamic watercolor background to your howling wolf sketch, try taking this class, which explores how to layer and blend a beautiful nighttime sky. 

How to Draw a Wolf Face

To draw a wolf face, you start with a simple circle, and then add the nose, snout, and eyes. 

There are lots of ways to draw a wolf—running, sitting, side profile, or howling. But a straight-on view of a wolf face is particularly powerful. As Skillshare instructor Geoffrey Jacobs explains in his class on drawing animals, a wolf drawing face starts with a simple shape: a circle. Then, similar to the process of drawing a human face, it’s all about knowing the correct proportions and where to place the facial features. 

How to Draw a Wolf Eye

Learning how to draw a wolf eye can be a powerful addition to your animal portraits. 

Eyes are notoriously hard to draw, whether they’re animal or human. But learning how to effectively draw a wolf eye can add emotion and depth to your artwork and help you create a more lifelike creature. If you want to take your wolf drawings to the next level, try this class that focuses on drawing and painting animal eyes. By learning a few key tips and techniques, you’ll be able to add realistic eyes to any animal you want to draw—including, of course, wolves. 

Shoot for the Moon

As intimidating as a real wolf may be, don’t be afraid to pick up a pen or pencil and get drawing. Whether you want to illustrate a cute canine or a terrifyingly realistic beast, these tutorials will make learning how to draw a wolf easy.

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