Looking for a quick, easy way to get into knitting? With loop yarn, you can learn the mechanics of knitting without the needles—and still produce some impressive (and functional) projects. 

Loop yarn is a thick, puffy yarn that has loops pre-sewn into it. To knit with loop yarn, you use your fingers, rather than needles, to stitch the loops together. It’s a great introduction to knitting for beginners, hobbyists, or even kids. Plus, because of its fleecy texture, loop yarn doesn’t slip easily. That means if you want to take a break, you can put your project down without worrying about the yarn slipping apart and ruining your progress. 

Want to get started? Grab a skein of loop yarn and pick one of these 15 loop yarn patterns for your first project. 

loop knit blanket
Source: thehooknooklife
Loop yarn has loops pre-sewn into it, so you can create knitted projects with just the yarn, your fingers, and loop yarn patterns. 

What Can You Make With Loop Yarn? 

Loop yarn is great for a wide range of projects, from blankets to hats to pillows. Below, find some of the best loop yarn patterns—including Loopity Loop yarn patterns, Big Twist Loopty Loop yarn patterns, and Loop It yarn patterns—for everyone from beginners to advanced knitters.

1. Chunky Throw Blanket 

Source: tlycblog
Chunky throw blanket loop yarn project, courtesy of TL Yarn Crafts

If you’re just getting started with loop yarn, a blanket is a great first project. The pattern is simple, and the large surface area of the blanket gives you plenty of knitting practice. But even if you already have knitting experience, you can use this blanket pattern to practice techniques like changing colors or binding off. 

2. Square Pillow 

Source: petalstopicots
Square pillow loop yarn project, courtesy of Petals to Picots

Just a bit more complex than a blanket, this loop yarn pillow requires two square panels, which you will stitch together with a needle and thread. This project incorporates two types of stitches—knitting and purling—which create the raised accent rows you can see in the image above. For this project, you will need two skeins of loop yarn, a needle and thread, and a pillow insert. 

3. Cozy Cardigan

Source: thehooknooklife
Cozy cardigan loop yarn project, courtesy of The Hook Nook Life

All you need to create this plush, cozy cardigan is loop yarn and a pair of scissors. While this is a more advanced project, beginners shouldn’t be intimidated. You can look at it as creating a few basic panels and knitting them together in a more complex configuration. 

4. Winter Hat

Source: sugarbeecrafts
Winter hat loop yarn project courtesy of Sugar Bee Crafts

A quick and inexpensive project, this chunky winter hat requires just one skein of loop yarn. First, you’ll create the border for the bottom edge of the hat. Then, you’ll continue knitting the loops around that circle, making it smaller and smaller until you reach the top. Then, you can use extra yarn to create a fun pom pom to top it off. 

5. Criss-Cross Scarf

Source: yarnspirations
Scarf loop yarn project, courtesy of Yarnspirations

If you’re looking for variations on traditional loop yarn scarf patterns, this criss-cross scarf is a great option. Especially if you choose a multi-colored skein of loop yarn, you will end up with an interesting and eye-catching accessory. 

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6. Crochet Basket

Source: stitcheenscraps
Crochet basket loop yarn project, courtesy of Stitches n Scraps

Beyond apparel and accessories, you can also find loop yarn patterns for functional home decor, like a knit basket. This chunky basket is perfect for storing toys, blankets, or extra yarn. Note that because loop yarn is so plush, it won’t hold the basket shape on its own. You will also need some stiffer material, like a sheet of plastic canvas, to add structure to the basket.

If you’re looking to create your own crochet basket, you’ll need to know the stitches that can get you there.

7. Mermaid Tail Blanket 

mermaid tail
Source: marlybird
Mermaid tail blanket loop yarn project, courtesy of Marly Bird

Want to involve your little ones in a loop yarn project? Try creating this fun mermaid tail blanket. Kids will love that this isn’t a traditional blanket—instead, they get to tuck their legs inside of the tail. And even though it may look a little more complex than a typical throw blanket, the pattern is designed for beginners. 

8. Round Pillow 

Source: yarnspirations
Round pillow loop yarn project, courtesy of Yarnspirations

This intermediate project is a step up from a traditional square pillow. Rather than knitting in straight rows, like you would for a blanket or scarf, this loop yarn pattern requires you to create two flat circles that you bind together and stuff with a pillow insert. 

9. Loop Yarn Pumpkins 

yarn pumpkin
Source: 5littlemonsters
Loop yarn pumpkins, courtesy of 5 Little Monsters

For this festive fall project, you’ll need a few extra materials beyond the loop yarn: fiberfill (or another material to stuff in the pumpkins so they hold their shape), sticks (for the stems), and hot glue. However, just one skein of loop yarn is enough to create several pumpkins, so you will get a lot of mileage out of this loop yarn pattern. 

10. Backpack

Source: Etsy
Loop yarn backpack, courtesy of Etsy

This cute, functional backpack is a great intermediate project. While the backpack straps require some more advanced crochet skills, the main compartment of the backpack can be created with loop yarn. 

11. Cable Knit Scarf

Source: Michaels
Cable knit scarf loop yarn project, courtesy of Michaels

This is one of the most visually interesting loop yarn scarf patterns you will find. Beyond the basic knit and purl stitches, this pattern will teach you how to achieve a criss-cross, braid-like effect. 

12. Baby Blanket

Source: Yarnspirations
Loop yarn baby blanket, courtesy of Yarnspirations

Soft, squishy loop yarn makes a perfect baby blanket. This blanket, smaller than a typical throw blanket, is finished with sweet pom poms at each of the corners. This pattern also incorporates some interesting textural elements by including both knitted and purled rows. 

13. Wreath

Source: Sewrella
Wreath loop yarn project, courtesy of Sewrella

Looking for loop yarn patterns that require no knitting skills? This one is for you. This wreath displays the texture of loop yarn without actually interlocking any of the loops. All you need is loop yarn, a hot glue gun, and a styrofoam wreath form. Simply wrap the loop yarn around the wreath, hot glue in place, and finish with decorative accents like the flowers shown here. 

14. Rainbow Blanket 

rainbow blanket
Rainbow blanket loop yarn project, courtesy of Mama in a Stitch

This bright blanket is a great example of how you can incorporate multiple colors of loop yarn into a project. Whether you choose a traditional rainbow or a more muted color palette, it’s easy to switch from color to color and create an interesting striped pattern. 

15. Chunky Cowl Scarf

Source: https://www.sisterswhat.com/2018/09/chunky-finger-knitted-infinity-scarf.html
Chunky cowl scarf loop yarn project, courtesy of Sisters, What!

One of the most unique Loopity Loop yarn patterns, this infinity scarf incorporates a leather accent. As a bonus, the leather piece can camouflage the point where the two ends meet to form the circular scarf. 

Whether you want to eventually break into traditional knitting or simply try a new hobby, loop yarn is a great option for all crafters—and with these loop yarn patterns, there are nearly endless possibilities for what you can create. 

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