Cats are loyal and intuitive companions—and they’re also beautiful creatures that provide excellent artistic inspiration. Whether you’re looking for a quick way to sketch your beloved pet or want to understand how to draw a cat realistically, we’ve compiled everything you’ll need to know—along with plenty of courses that’ll make learning how to draw a cat easy!

How to Draw a Cat

cat drawings from phone
In a few simple steps, you’ll learn how to draw a cat!

How do you draw a cat? Even if you’re a true beginner, it’s easier than you think. Most cat drawings begin with simple shapes that you build on with increasingly detailed elements. You can also start learning how to draw a cat by tracing photos or other portraits. And once you learn how to draw cats, you can expand your art projects into other mediums like pastels, paints, and even clay sculpture. 

Not sure where to begin? We’ve got you covered! 

How to Make Cute Cat Drawings

cat doodles
Cute cats are a great starting point!

If you’re new to drawing or haven’t sketched a cat before, start with cute cat drawings—with basic outlines and pared-down features, they’re simpler in design and execution. In this beginner’s course, instructors from Atama Studio will show you how to make cute cat drawing easy with a fun project that’s great for kids and adults alike. 

How to Draw a Cat Step by Step

cat drawing
A cat drawing by Skillshare instructor Morgan Swank

Many artists like to learn via step by step instructions. If this is you, try Skillshare instructor Morgan Swank’s course for drawing animals with markers. You’ll learn how to create a pencil outline, how to incorporate detail and shading, and how to add ink to make your final drawing pop.  

For more detailed instructions on how to draw a cat face, check out in-depth courses to help you learn how to draw a cat eye, how to draw a cat nose, and even how to draw fur!

How to Make Simple Cat Drawings

watercolor cats
Simple shapes make great cat drawings!

If portraits seem a little out of reach, you’ll enjoy easy cat drawings made with simple shapes. In this course, Skillshare instructor Portia Monberg will show you how to create a basic cat drawing using rectangles, triangles, and curved shapes as your foundation. From there, you’ll add color and other fun design elements to finalize your feline.

How to Draw a Cat With Pencil

cat drawing
Graphite pencil cat drawing by Skillshare instructor LaVonne

One of the best things about learning to draw a cat (or any creature, for that matter) is that you don’t need many supplies. If all you have on hand is a pencil and a piece of paper, you can create a realistic cat drawing in no time! Follow along as Skillshare instructor LaVonne shows you how to sketch your cat, add facial features and fur, and finish up with shading and detailed line work. She advises using a reference—either a real-life cat or a photo—so you can recreate your own furry friend. 

How to Make Realistic Cat Drawings

cat in a basket
Create a drawing so realistic, you’ll think your cat is going to jump off the page and into your lap!

If you’re skilled at animal portraits or more realistic drawings, you’ll enjoy Skillshare instructor Jekaterina Kotelnikova’s kitten drawing course. Using a reference photo, she’ll show you, step-by-step, how to draw a realistic kitten using soft pastels. Don’t have pastels? Try colored pencils, markers, or your medium of choice.

Can’t Get Enough Cute Kittens?

Paint a Pop Art Style Kitten

How to Make Black Cat Drawings

black cat drawing
Source: Instagram
Portrait of a black cat by artist Zsuzsa Potyok.

Whether you’re pining for Halloween or just a fan of these black beauties, you’ll love learning how to draw black cats! Begin by choosing your style—realistic, cartoon, anime, whatever—and make an outline drawing. From there, use a regular pencil or colored pencils to add shading and details to your black cat drawing. Or, check out this tutorial on how to create a furry black cat using watercolor paint. Don’t forget to add white detailing, like whiskers, with a white gel pen or colored pencil.

How to Make Siamese Cat Drawings

siamese cat drawing
Siamese cats are just as beautiful on paper as they are in real life. 

If you’re interested in drawing specific breeds of cats, check out Skillshare instructor Barbara Baumann’s animal study in cat drawing. She’ll give you an overview of different domestic cat breeds and their individual traits, including the gorgeous Siamese cat, with their characteristic bright blue eyes. 

How to Make Funny Cat Drawings

cute cat drawings
Kawaii cats by Skillshare student Eunjeong Wui

If complicated cat portraits aren’t quite your thing yet or you’re just here to learn how to draw a cat cartoon, prepare to smile as big as the Cheshire Cat as you take Skillshare instructor Ecky O’s funny Kawaii-style cartoon cat course! He’ll show you how to sketch and color five different styles of cat drawings. Before you know it, you’ll have sketchbooks full of funny cats. 

How to Draw a Cat for Kids

astronaut cat
Kids can draw cats, too!

If you’ve got animal-loving kiddos, you’ll definitely want to loop them in on the cat drawing fun, too! Skillshare instructor Winda Li hosts a cute animal drawing series, including this course that will teach you and your children how to make cute cartoon cat drawings like Toby the Astronaut Cat. Follow along with her design, or add your own personalized flair to your kitty. 

How to Make Warrior Cat Drawings

warrior cat
Source: instagram
An original Warrior Cat drawing by Flynn of Snowstorm Art

Warrior Cats is a set of novels, written by Erin Hunter and Dan Jolley, that follows the adventures of clans of feral cats. These furry warriors have gained a huge following in recent years, and many artists enjoy incorporating them into their work in a way that’s similar to anime cat drawings. If you’re a fan of the series and want to draw your own Warrior Cats, start with a reference photo from your favorite book and build your design from there. Draw an existing character or, for a little more fun, create your own! 

Which Cat Will You Choose?

Now that you’re armed with the knowledge needed to draw anything from a cartoon cat to a realistic cat portrait, it’s time to pick a project and get started! 

Remember to be patient with yourself as you learn how to draw a cat. In no time at all, your skills will improve—and in the meantime, you’ll get to spend your time observing and recreating images of your favorite pet. 

Prefer Painting Cats?

Painting a Surreal Sphynx Cat in Acrylics

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