Fashion Collaborations: Creating a Successful Product, Together

By ·Creative Directors, Novem

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Class Project

Create a fashion collaboration pitch deck.

Collaborative projects have allowed us to take our personal brands to the next level. From major sneaker companies to car manufacturers, we have been able to spread our creative visions to a multitude of mediums. None of these projects would come to fruition, however, without the proper initial planning and communication.

What You'll Learn

Through exclusive video content and professional tips, this class will go through:

  • Indentifying your value as a creative partner
  • Storytelling through product
  • Creating marketing materials for your project
  • Tying it all together with a presentation

This class is for anyone with an entity of their own looking to increase it's value and awareness by working with another brand, regardless of the product, or simply those looking to gain insight into an essential facet of the fashion industry.  Building a collaboration pitch deck can be a great exercise to prepare yourself for major opportunities while at the same time teaching you more about your own brand. Ready? Let's get it!!

We have put together this class on Skillshare to give YOU the tools necessary to build your own successful, meaningful, and creative fashion collaborations.  

Level: Beginner

Frank the Butcher and Rick Williams

Creative Directors, Novem

Frank the Butcher has been a representative of Boston’s creative movement for years. First appearing as a co-host of the popular street culture podcast The Weekly Drop, and a writer for popular magazines, Frank bridged the gap between fans of street culture and its creatives long before it was the norm. As the brand manager / designer for Concepts, Frank partnered with several key brands to produce some of the most popular collaborative shoe and apparel projects in the industry. With his Butcher’s Block company producing video and music content, and now being appointed Creative Director for the Boston-based Boylston Trading Company, Frank the Butcher is continuing his path of delivering quality product, no matter the medium.


Rick Williams is the founder and creative director of the DISTINCT LIFE, a creative agency that focuses on branding and design. He also co-owns metro Detroit-based (yet world-renowned) sneaker shop Burn Rubber. Through his marketing firm and retail store, Williams has come to design and direct projects for New Balance, Reebok, Saucony and more. When he’s not contributing creatively on special projects with some of the industry’s most respected companies, Williams can be found developing his clothing brand, DISTINCT LIFE DRY GOODS. Be it sneaker design or a creative marketing plan, Williams thrives as a creator.

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