Zentangle waves

Zentangle waves - student project

I already had an inspiration board before I took this class, but this class gave me some very helpful ways of looking at it, and definitely gave me a different way to approach using that inspiration. I chose this image as my inspiration: Zentangle waves - image 1 - student project

The ten observations I came up with were:

1. Bold

2. Colorful

3. Curves

4. Vertical stripes

5. Whimsical (nothing too perfect)

6. Abstract

7. Graphic (mostly broad lines)

8. Limited colors

9. Tribal

10. Complex

I mostly design my fabrics for myself, and this color palette would not work for me, nor did I think the tribal nature was in my artistic wheelhouse. However, I am a Zentangle artist, and I thought it would be pretty easy to use this as a jumping off point for a piece using Zentangle patterns. I really enjoyed breaking the pattern down, figuring out what I liked about it, and using THAT as my inspiration rather than the original image.

I had tons of fun developing my Zentangle version of this pattern, and I'm sure I'll try this exercise again!Zentangle waves - image 2 - student project