Yasmina's Woodland Cuties

Yasmina's Woodland Cuties - student project

12 - Fox


11 - Frog 


10 - Bear with Totoro




9 - Snail Mum and baby 

My daughter made this :)


8  - Australian Bush Turkey 

My daughter made this Australian Bush Turkey cutie as it is her favourite animal.




Thank you Yasmina for the super cute class!  You are so talented and a great teacher. 

I have watched the class with my 11 y.o. daughter, who is a big fan of your art works.


We have done 5 cuties so far though we will upload more pics later on. 

I love your cute fruits Youtube tutorial too!


1. Hedgehog cuties 


2. Owl family 


3. Bunnies 


4. Raccoon mum and baby  - done by my daughter 


Many more to come. 


5.  Deer 


 6.  Squirrel


7 - Koala 

We live in Australia so I have made a cutie Koala.