Write Act 2 Project

Write Act 2 Project - student project

I find it hard to make this project; I need almost a month just to do this. And I tried as best as I can do, so here is the project that I made : 


He thought he was not ready for making his friends rely on him to save The Unseen Forest from Gerald because of his lack of self-confidence. 

  • He was not ready to defeat Gerald, as he knew he was still in fear with his new friends. 
  • He afraid he would not defeat Gerald, as he found that Gerald has a power that could not beaten even by himself. 
  • He wanted to give up and told his friends it was impossible to defeat Gerald. 


His afraid from the past has gotten bigger each day; making him did not want to meet his friends. 

  • He is haunted by nightmares about his past, and it makes him did not want to be approached by anyone. 
  • Mary tries to help her, but Alan brushes it off roughly. It made Daniel sick with his attitude and almost hits Alan if it's not stopped by Sarah. 
  • Alan met Gerald, and he finally knew Gerald's real identity. 


He realized his lack of self-confidence and decided to defeat Gerald with his new power. 

  • When Mary almost dead because she was attacked by one of Gerald's soldier, he realized that Gerald would kill anyone who tried to failed his mission. 
  • He decided to change and accept his new power and responsibility to protect The Unseen Forest. 
  • Daniel and Sarah joined with him to defeat Gerald, as well as Mary.

PS : For the cover image, I took it from https://goo.gl/images/sT1f5K.