Working Title:Re-Animation Rag (RR) Writing Act 2

Working Title:Re-Animation Rag  (RR) Writing Act 2 - student project

(Okay, here is a pass at writing Act 2. I have included a POV treatment for the crisis sequel to the trigger scene which concluded Act 1. but have simply outlined the scene/sequel structure I am proposing for the Act 2 struggle and epiphany. Thanks, Dr.Robert

Act 2.


 (Stan believes he cannot be a leader, because he does not know himself or his 7 fellow (one female) re-animates all of whom must discover who they are in both the new world, a hundreds years in the future of the one they left, and within themselves as they recover from the trauma of death and discover what new capacities they have been given in the re-animation process.)

Sequel:  Okay, I got their attention now what? “Look everyone; I don’t know what to do. I can’t lead you. I think we are in real danger. Ronald Guilderstern spoke up  “So Stan, what do you think they are going to do next that is dangerous? I welcomed his question; I calmed down and thought for a moment. “Well  the most damaging thing they could do to us, without guns, is arson. They could try to burn us out. . Ron and the others nodded in agreement so I went on. “Let’s prepare for that. Ron and Bill start filling some of those plastic jugs with water, and Bob, get to the garage and bring the hose in after you hook it up to the laundry sink tap. Sally, fill the bathtub with water and put in half a dozen towels. Anybody have any other ideas? Sally suggested getting the first aid kit out and Bob added that they should all put on the Hazmat suits that were stored in the safe locker. They all ran off to start their tasks and much to my relief the wail of sirens wafted in through the broken window, along with the smell of smoke.


(Stan works with staff to realize his full potential as a re-animate while they all struggle to find a way to calm, suborn, repress, sway, convert, those who are threatening not only their survival, but the survival of the thousands of patients still in suspension.)

Scene:  I ran upstairs to look outside (well out of the range of bricks). I saw chaos. There were about 300 hundred people on the lawn and another fifty or so visible visible through the Oleanders, in the street. Standing on the driveway was a tall elegantly dressed silver haired man. He must have been the group’s leader; at least he looked the part. He was acting the part too; I could hear him bark orders to his fellows to back off and get off of the property. He must have heard the sirens as did I. It seemed as if every patrol car in Cave Junction (both of them) plus fire trucks were converging on 6215 Valle Drive where we lived. The crowd began running as the officers plied out of the cars. The tall fellow was standing still on the sidewalk.  I couldn’t hear what was said, but I saw two officers grab him and with his hands behind his back probably in cuffs, lead him off. By now firemen were milling around and I heard one shout when he came upon a brazier that was turning into a righteous blaze as the faggots became torches... A police captain walked towards the house and I started down to meet him.

Sequel:  “ Sorry about letting this get so out of hand Dr. Ransome. I am sure that it is not coincidental that we were assisting the Scottsdale police with a similar happening outside of the laboratory on Acoma, but they hadn’t gotten to the arson stage yet.

 Oh my god, I didn’t know that it was happening there too. He motioned me close to him as he almost whispered, “We think it was a diversionary tactic, they wanted to do the real harm here. Dr. Reeves turned us onto the possibility. “What happened to my 911 call? Was my question when I realized that he was not here because of it. “I don’t know sir, I expect we will hear it when we return to the station. By the way; you are going to press charges, aren’t you? I did not hesitate “Yes officer, but I think that more of an investigation is in order. I don’t like that my 911 didn’t get through.

Scene: a late night meeting between staff and patients.

Sequel: Stan grapples with the staff’s and his fellow’s affirmations of his leadership.

Scene:  Another meeting in the community room of the First Baptist Church.  “Are we going to bail out Pastor Jack? “And where will the money come from?  Were among the many questions that the congregants were asking.

Sequel: Pastor Jack sits in jail wondering about what went wrong and how he would remedy the situation. Those monsters must die! Was his last thought before sleeping.

Scene: Stan and Dr. Vila nil are cloistered in the den in the lab. Dr.Vila nil is asking very pointed questions.

Sequel:  Stan struggles with his feelings about being questioned so pointedly by Dr. Vila nil.

Scene: Dr. Vila nil administers a mental competency test.

Sequel: Stan feels humiliated as he believes he has failed the test.

Scene: Drs Reeves, Vila nil and Falcott all confer on the problems of interfacing with the religious community.

Sequel: an action plan is formulated which includes sending noted scientists to the state legislature.

Scene: Pastor Jack goes to a convention of the National Conference of Baptist Preachers.

Sequel: Pastor Jack revels’ in the Support he gets from the preachers

Scene: Strategy meeting with lawyers and newly hired lobbyist and all staff and patients

Sequel: All are very congenial, Stan is humiliated as he cannot speak coherently about his handling of the situation.

Scene: Pastor Jack organizes a protest of his congregants and those of the other Preachers in front of the state legislature.

Sequel: Legislators, Lawyers, and Alcor’s Lobbyist are upset by the protest.

Scene: State Police are called to break up the protest.

Sequel: Pastor Jack is beside himself with prideful satisfaction that the protest made prime time national news.

Scene: National News Journalists crowd outside the residence demanding to see Stan and the residents.

Sequel: Inside the residence Stan and the others are terrified.

Scene: Stan agrees to talk to the journalists

Sequel: Stan reflects as he writes his statement.

Scene: Stan and Dr. Vila nil talk about his next competency examination

Sequel: Stan must reflect on his recent behaviours and choices as he takes the test

Scene: Stan and Dr. Vila nil grade his paper (and discuss his performance)

Sequel: Stan realizes his has feelings for Dr. Vila nil.

Scene: Stan behaves like a tongue-tied fool with Dr. Vila nil

Sequel: Stan is mortified by his behaviour with Dr. Vila nil.

Scene: Drs all confer on Stan’s tests and behaviours.

Sequel: Dr. Vila nil realizes she has feelings for Stan

Scene: Stan discusses his feelings for Dr. Vila nil with Ron who admits to having similar feelings

Sequel: Stan feels inferior to Ron and decides to suppress his feelings.

Scene: Pastor Jack appoints a congregant to spy on the re-animates and Josey Fernandez  goes to work in the residence as a housemaid.

Sequel: Bob and Bill are attracted to Josey while Kat smells a rat.

Scene: Josey reports on the behaviours of the residents to Pastor Jack

Sequel: who reacts with great joy.

Scene: “They are zombie-like” he reports to the press, and should be put out of their misery.

Sequel: William Diamond of the New York Times, a marketplace tabloid, declares “Zombie’s in Scottsdale Frankenstinian Labs.

Scene: News conference in Alcor’s Re-animation Facility.

Sequel: Mom and Pop America, New York Kansas react to recent press.

Scene: Debate on the floor of the US Senate regarding Re-animates and other “Artificially Conscious Life and Non-Life beings.

Sequel: L5 Human Habitat La Graingian residents react to Senate debate.

Scene: All extra-planetary human residents confer on Star Net attempting to achieve consensus on proposals to demand recognition of all Re-animates and other “Artificially Conscious Life and Non-Life beings. Will they boycott earth or threaten war.

Sequel: Pastor Jack reacts in horror and rage at Senate Resolution recognizing all Re-animates and other “Artificially Conscious Life and Non-Life beings right to life.

Scene: International Conference of Fundamentalist Religious Adherents votes to destroy by any means possible all Re-animates and other “Artificially Conscious Life and Non-Life beings, declaring them works of Satan.

Sequel: reactions of the many agencies, stakeholders in the the many industries involved in the creation of Re-animates and other “Artificially Conscious Life and Non-Life beings.

Scene: Alcor Re-animation Facility Staff and re-animates decide to relocate onto L5 Human Habitat.

Sequel: Dr. Vila nil feels panic at losing Stan

Scene: Drs. confront Stan on his capabilities as a re-animate (and re-engineered human). showing him the documentation of the enhancements made to his brain. and the steady improvements in his test scores.

Epiphany  (Sequel): Stan awakens to the knowledge of his abilities and his capabilities. He realizes his is a natural leader as he has lost nothing of himself in the re-animation process and has in fact gained much greater intelligence which he can use in knowing himself and knowing others. He decides to professes his love for Dr. Vila nil.


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