Winter Is Comming

Winter Is Comming - student project

It looked so easy and I couldn't wait to start. "I'll give it one evening," I said to myself. Well, it took me  four evenings of work and four days of thinking. And I am still not quite satisfied. I am impatient person and my illustrations are based on the first thing that pops to my mind. I just draw and I don't like to use color. We are not friends and I fight with colors everytime I do colored picture. 

I had few ideas, but the best one was this basic picture form everyday winter life: comming home from freezing outside to warm and cosy inside. I did some scatches that looked good, but I couldn't wait to start the fun digital part, so I rushed it and it didn't end well.

There is too much information. I wanted to try everything, so I did. I went to bed angry, that I rushed so much and didn't plan and sketch properly. Next day I thought of two other versions and tried both of them.

This is better, but it lacks the cosiness and it's pretty flat. Composition is the other thing I struggle with all the time. i was playing with the scenery in my head trying to find the right point of view that would have space, dynamics and tell the story right. As the technique is all about layers, I thought of three layer plan: most distant is the winter and chill, in the middle is the human transiting from before to after and in the front is the cosy warm cup of tee.

When I finished I thought, it's not good enough. But when I came back this morning, I found it quite good. But I had one more version in my head to try. So I did, and I am quite proud of it as well.

I tried to free myself from being literary to get more abstract. It didn't work out as I hoped to. I am not used to do one picture several times. I get bored and angry that I can't capture what I have on mind and then I leave it and never return. Now this theme is stucked in my herad and I have the urge to try it again and again. I think in a week I would get to pure abstraction. But I can't let this obssesion go on.

Thanks for this wonderful lecture. It was amazing and eyes opening excersise. 

I would have one wish though. If you make more lectures, could you focuse on choseing color and working with composition? I would pretty much like your point of view and see how you think about these things. Thanks.

I have hands so I draw.