Will Type For Pay Monogram

Will Type For Pay Monogram - student project

Hey everybody!

This is my process for creating my WTFP monogram. The first thing was to create a moodboard for each letter in my monogram. Since my monogram had 4 letters, I made 4 moodboards.

This is my moodboad for the letter W:

This is my moodboard for the letter T:

This is my moodboard for the letter F:

This is my moodboard for the letter P:

These are some of the photos I found on my photography hunt. I photographed shapes that looked like letters, and then I drew the shape of the letter I saw.

These shapes and letters will help me later on in developing an ornamental style in my monogram. Finding these shapes and translating them to letters really changes your perspective on what a letter should look like.

These are my 10 sketches for my monogram. They are quick, rough and dirty. However, they all explore a different way to lock up my letters. I explored geometric, script, monoweight, sharp, edgy, rectangular, and other ways of putting these letters together.

I decided to go forward with sketch number 4. I thought it was an interesting lockup and offered a lot of possibilities. I drew it over and over and ended up at a place that I was happy with.

Once I had my solid sketch, I took a photo of it, I traced it in illustrator. Notice that I added some weight to the strokes. This will help when the monogram becomes really small. 

In photoshop I added some shaddows where my shapes overlapped. This will add some depth and definition to the logo.

Now that I had my vector, as well as my photoshop file, I played around with some of the colors and affects. I landed on an all white monogram, with subtle shaddows, and an outer glow, over a textured grey paper-like background. This makes the logo pop without being too loud. 

This monogram was the result of exploring letterforms, hunting down shapes, sketching and drawing and revising again, and careful execution. I hope you all like the WTFP monogram!

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