Wildflower Bouquet

Wildflower Bouquet - student project

Thank you, Dylan, for such a fun and informative class! 

I typically use Illustrator, but I'm trying to become more and more comfortable going back and forth between Ai and Ps, so this was definitely a great class for me.


I decided to illustrate a wildflower bouquet based on my moodboard below

Here are my cleaned-up sketches:

And here are my sketches arranged in the bouquet form:

And here is my final project with color added (and I'm slightly obsessed with this color palette, to be honest :))

Two other colorways:


Thanks again for this class! I'm definitely going to be able to use the information in my own workflow, and now I want to make a million bouquet illustrations :)


I can't stop playing around with new bouquet ideas..it's addictive!

Here are some holiday bouquets I recently made...

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