West Coast Crimson and Blue

West Coast Crimson and Blue - student project

The Process is a story that always ends with productivity and merit. Start your project and let it happen.

Here is how I went about using the California Style watercolor painting techniques to bring home a 'Big One' from the West Coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia Canada in early August of this year.

First up is the Whale Watching Boat where i hunkered down and got my paints all ready while everyone else got comfortable and made sure their devices were fully charged.They were going Whale Watching I was preparing for an experience ...

I painted a series of about 8 quick sketches during the hour we were out searching for Gray Whales. The feeling of cutting through the salt chuck and being teased every minute by new smells and natural masterpieces thrusting up from the ocean floor was exhilarating to body and soul.

I kept to 3 main colors and used a few different hues of each.

Cobalt, Ultramarine, and Thalo for the blues.

Alizarin and  Quinacridone for the reds

Azo and Indian for the yellows

Must mention that you cannot go to the coast without two things; proper rain gear and Burnt Sienna.

Burnt Sienna and cobalt blue make the perfect west coast grey for sand, water and sky.

From the sketches I quickly dashed off this 6 foot by 5 foot studio painting capturing the spirit of the sketches and the day. I will spend the winter with this painting and finish it with whatever it needs until it tells me 'I'm finished'.

Here is the same picture one year later.I like to update my class info. Cameras never really get the colors right for oils and acrylics. 

I especially like the wet rock at the bottom right corner in the above picture.

Yes, the water can be very green at the coast, rarely is it pure blue. Let your colors 'Sing" pure and clean. Mud is for pies not watercolors.

Artist / Art Teacher