Week 2 - Line Art

Week 2 - Line Art - student project

Communicating Texture via Line 'Mirror' 'Creature Skin' 'Woodchip'

Constructional & Gestural/Editing (Imported from my side project)

Traced Construction

Monster beetle 

Octo Monster




Lesson 1 - Lineart Hierarchy 'Primary, Secondary Shapes & FIne Detail'

Lesson 2 - Communicating Shape & Volume 'Surface Compression'

Lesson 3 - Communicating Texture 'Metallic, Organic, Stone'

Lesson 4 - Basic Tools & Functions used over PS for Lineart

  • Brush Settings
  • тМШ+T 'Distort' 'Warp'
  • Liquify (ShiftтМШ+X) 'May look worn out if used too much'

Lesson 5 - Sketching & Image Construction

Three Ways to get the Ball rolling

1. Construction 'Simple Shapes' 'Refine & Add Details' 'Transfer to Cleaner Layer and Refine more'

2. Gestural/Editing 'My old Sketch style' 'Scribble and Edit'

3. Tracing 'Tracing from Reference'

Lesson 6 - Crispy Professional lines

Shift+Space - Can move circular marquee while creating

Move (with Alt) - Creates a new copy of that dragged layer

Lesson 13 - Antique Look 'Color Burn the OL' + 'Erase with Spray brush via Mask' on top of Antique looking BG.

Learned anything new today?