Watercolour patterns with texture

Watercolour patterns with texture - student project

Hello !!!

I love art work as it's good to be involved with what you like the most. Creating different texture from home idea is a great way.

The first image is with variety of Ingredients placed  on different  watercolor blocks. As you said Victoria I have left this image to dry overnight for a better picture.

Ingredients : Top left foil, plastic wrap,  white chalk liquid,  cous cous

2nd line rice, sugar, rubberband, tissue paper

3rd line Thread and mask tape, salt, bloom with fresh water, dishwashing liquid 


Watercolour patterns with texture - image 1 - student project

 Here  is the image

Final picture of block pattern coming soon.


ok0Watercolour patterns with texture - image 2 - student project

 Thank you once again Victoria for the excellent class as I could experiment on more than just few household products.  All the ingredients have worked well I suppose. Oh yes, even the dishwashing liquid actually has made a Crater like figure.


Cheers !!! 



Namrata Desai

Graphic designer artist