Water Control & Precision

Water Control & Precision - student project

This class was such a huge help! I've always felt kind of intimidated by watercolors, since I'm more used to drawing media or opaque paints like acrylic and oil. This class helped me get over my fears, and gave me a great excuse to practice like heck in my sketchbook. I went a little overboard, but I had a lot of fun doing it. :) In this post, I'm also including the sheets I used to take notes on the techniques, as well as an additional practice sheet. I just think the blue one looks the coolest (plus, it took by far the longest to complete), so I used a close-up of that as the main image.

Water Control & Precision - image 1 - student projectWater Control & Precision - image 2 - student projectWater Control & Precision - image 3 - student project