Uphagen's House, Gdansk

Uphagen's House, Gdansk - student project

Julia, thank you for the great class. Your works, ideas, process and way of looking inspired me so much!

And this is my baby (quite old in fact) - the Uphagen's House (Gdansk, Poland).

The first step was the hardest. I was desperatly trying to draw straight lines ;)

Step 2:

Step 2,5 ;) Shading:

Step 3 - watercolour (after drawing it was a pure pleasure):

So imperfect, but it doesn't matter - I enjoyed the process and just keep learning ;)

Thanks for watching :)


Today I've had an opportunity to use my new skills :) I made a christmas picture for my client using Julia's method a little bit of photoshop (dark background, snow and some lights). I decided to publish a version for you classmates, just for inspiration and to wish you all the best :)