Tyler Durden

Tyler Durden - student project

Working on an app to find people to spar with. Imagine "tinder for street fights."

So people would get the point immediately, I chose Tyler Durden from the very popular movie "Fight Club."

Here is my first moodboard that I used to gather info on what Tyler's profile would look like.

Here is the first draft of the profile that I exported from Sketch. I feel like it is missing somthing around the bio though.

Version 2, I changed the birthdate (since it is not relevant to my app) to date last logged on. In this case, it was a day ago. The place of birth in my app is instead a preferred fighting location (if they have a specific gym they are at). 

In the posts section I added a thumbs down because the point is that you are trying to piss each other off. I also added that blue bar. Visually it feels more complete to me. I think in the actual app you can press it and it expands so you can read more about them.