Travel Packing App

Travel Packing App - student project


This is a redesign of an app that helps travelers pack efficiently and track their belongings while on the move. I thought it would be interesting to tackle some of the problems I spotted in the app and improve it through this course series.

1. Personas

Travel Packing App - image 1 - student project

Travel Packing App - image 2 - student project

2. User Journey Map

2a. User Journey for Eric Finley

Travel Packing App - image 3 - student project

2b. User journey for Jessica Kim

Travel Packing App - image 4 - student project

3. Sketches

Travel Packing App - image 5 - student project

4. Putting sketch concepts to wireframes

Travel Packing App - image 6 - student project

Big thank you to our instructor, Kara Hodecker, for providing clear instructions throughout the course and very useful examples for us to follow! I had so much fun both learning and working on this project. Please provide any feedback as you like, I would love to hear your thoughts!


Elina Lin