Three’s A Crowd

Three’s A Crowd - student project

These characters are from a book idea I had in my head for a couple years. I never got past the beginning but I thought if I started drawing the characters it might inspire something more (maybe even a graphic novel if I ever settle on a drawing style I like… & learn anatomy). I’d worked on the left and right character before so the older man in the middle is really brand spankin’ new specifically for this class. But I drew them together because I’ve been trying to learn how to draw the same character over and over as well as keep some sort of consistency in style.  

After I was done with the first image I realized the expressions were all really neutral because I was still just trying to work out the character in general. (I also used a new inking brush I’d never worked with.)

I did them again, with the goal of creating more “extreme” expressions while still making them recognizable as the same character. 

I have working names for them but my brain is fickle so I’d rather not name them here.


Age: mid 20s

Angular features. Rougishly good looking. Fashionable. Moral compass is a bit skewed when it comes to self preservation. Magical. 



Age: 60s

Wealthy, power hungry, afraid of becoming irrelevant. Smartly dressed. Handsome and can be manipulatively charming. Greedy and will do whatever it takes to stay in charge. 



Age: young 20s

Average, kind, people-pleaser. Lacks self confidence & self worth.