The results of learning from Helen

The results of learning from Helen - student project

I was happy to find that after taking so many of your classes, your biggest tips for new users only contained a few surprises.  I did not know about the 'save as .PDF' options, but I have yet to share my work - so if I ever get to the sharing stage, I am sure that will be useful!  Clarification on the differences between CMYK and RGB was helpful, and may have made me a bit paranoid - I checked the donuts file to make sure that was not the issue (it wasn't). The tips about saving pattern swatches I kind of knew, but you definitely clarified that - I had not been removing all the other swatches, that made my saved patterns a bit of a mess.  I also really liked the tutorial about customizing my workspace.  The only thing I think you left out of that section was that if you drag the right-hand bar wider you can see not just the tool panel icon but also the word - that has been hugely helpful to me as I don't recognize the icon as quickly when I am thinking the word for panel I want to see.  

Paula Hein

Great lover of learning