The haircut

The haircut - student project

The process for the concept of the illustration was faster than I expected. I am used to work with ideas association so I didn´t have any trouble. My first idea was to work about identity, transgender, how people feel before and after they assume their new identity. I really like this idea and I translated them into small sketches, but I decided to explore a little bit more further and I came with the idea of hair falling, depilation and haircut. Finally I decided that would go with the image of a person cutting her own hair and you could see only on the mirror the "before", some hair that still haven´t be cut.

Here are some roughs to explore the scene and the style of the character:

I went with the last version and with a light pad I made the final version:

I used some nanquim, brush and 6B pencil (my favourite) to explore the elements for the composition

Lots of tests for the color. I ended up with two color versions that I really enjoyed. I think the illustration could be more "loose" next time, more unpredictible. But I´m happy with these results. I decided to leave only some hair on the sink as a statement of the "before". So we have before AND after on the same scene.