The beauty of a language

The beauty of a language - student project

When I began creating my foreign language courses for SkillShare, I spent a long time thinking about the design. The French language, in my opinion, is such a beautiful language that I didn't want to detract from the words and phrases by going with an overtly bold or bright design. So, as you can see if you've taken any of my lessons, I have tried to be as minimalist as I could to allow the words to stand out.

However, I also believe that the words are so beautiful that they deserve to be displayed and shown off. As SkillShare is a haven for artists and designers, I thought I would add a little side-project to the 3 Minute French course. With this project, I want to open up a space where you can intertwine your artistic flair with the words and phrases learnt in my lessons. So, however you like, be it through calligraphy or any other art form, share your designs incorporating the French words from 3 Minute French - Course 1. (If you haven't taken the course, you can find it here: )

As well as looking nice, playing about with the words is also a good way of aiding the learning process. The more you see and work with new words and phrases, the more strongly they will lodge themselves in your brain, and the more quickly you'll be able to recall them as and when you need to.

So, happy creating :-)

The beauty of a language - image 1 - student projectThe beauty of a language - image 2 - student projectThe beauty of a language - image 3 - student project


Kieran Ball

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