The Viking and the Sea Nymph

The Viking and the Sea Nymph - student project

The Viking and the Sea Nymph - image 1 - student project

I've been working on this particular idea for a while but I wasn't exactly sure as to how I really wanted it to look. I love the idea of fairy tale romance and being a Disney fan at heart, one of the stories that has always inspired me was The Little Mermaid. I thought about the story for a while and imagined an idea of the prince dreaming of his mysterious rescuer during the backdrop of a late sunset/ twilight hour. 

I had written a fairy tale about a sea nymph who had fallen in love with a Viking prince. Being of two different mythological settings (Scandinavian and Greco-Roman) It would make for a fun contrast in an almost Romeo and Juliet style love story. Bridging not only two different mythological origins but two different cultures that met in a time of pillaging and bloodshed.

I was imagining him to be battle worn. 

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