Tatu Bola

Tatu Bola - student project

I had so much fun with this class, Mel! Thank you so much for it!

I was looking for textures to add to my Spoonflower's endangered species challenge entry, and than I saw this class and decided to give it a try before using someone else's textures.

I'm so happy I did, 'cause I love the result!

I went a little crazy with my pictures/textures... everywhere I looked I saw interesting things! These are most of the images I've used:

And this are the textures I created with them:


My motifs are tatus bola, a brazilian armadillo that's endangered. I applied the textures to the animals and some rocks as well.


And then I created the half drop pattern, and played a little with the recolor tool:


And finally, my suitcases mock up (thank you so much for that, it is the first time a try a mock up and I loved it!) which I had a lot of fun doing:


Thank you again, I'm going to use textures everywhere from now on. :) Very excited for the Spoonflower challenge!


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