Takeaway Messages

Takeaway Messages - student project

Wow! This class really opened my eyes and now I realize how important it is to properly price one's artwork. 

- I had never thought of using these equations to figure out how to price my works. Before now I was charging hourly for commissions because I thought that was the best way to do it. However, it does make a lot of sense that people want to know what they are getting in to before buying a piece.

- I always charged lower than other artists who had more experience than me because I felt like I didn't have a wide enough audience to charge higher, and a part of me kept saying 'You're not good enough yet'. Now I know that I was just selling myself short, and people are more likely to buy for quality.

- One thing that has definitely stuck with me is that if a customer is coming to you for a commission, it's because they value your work; they like what you do! It should be common sense but I frequently become stuck in this insecure headspace and therefore undervalue my work.

Thank you for such an amazing class, I have gained quite a bit of knowledge! From reading the other projects, I know that others definitely feel the same way as I do.