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Superpower.IO is a platform to help entrepreneurs in the journey to make their passions a business.

The first step is find and develop your inner superpowers.  Some recents studies show that as many as 80% of people in the workforce don't enjoy their work and nearly 75% don't know their passion.  

Your superpowers are at the interception of your natural talents and your passions. With  simple tools,  you will develop your superpowers, like empathy, creativity, generosity, storytelling, listening, intuition, reality distortion field, and so on.  Then exploring what are the problems in your community, you can create a project what really motivate you and make a business on top of that.  

Here is where your Super Hero's journey begins.   This is a is very hard journey, at epic level, where lots of superheroes fail because they are not using internet and the social media, or because they don't have mentors to overcome their roadblocks.

We want to share our knowledge in entrepreneurship, startups, software, social media, marketing, finance  and personal development to help you in that journey.  Can I guarantee that you will be success at the end, NO. Nobody can, because that depends of you.  But, We want to support you in this trip and share with others your story.

In other words, we want to be a 24x7 Yoda Mentor support in your search for the force.

JUST FOR THIS WEEK,  I'll give an 1-on-1,  half hour, google hangout  coach session for free to the first 20 people to register in Superpower.IO.  Available sessions : 10,  don't wait !

Let's descontruct Gary Vaynerchuk's  WineLibraryTV  Journey: 

Natural Talents : Selling, Communicate, Charisma.

Personal Passions : Family, Sports, Memorabilia, Make Money, Jets.

Superpowers :  Storytelling, Intuition, Empathy, Listening, Public Speaking.

Community Problems : People need curate wine information, recomendations, and a easy way to buy the best wine deals online. 

Superhero:  The wine expert on Internet. 

The result  was WineLibraryTV, what is very obvious looking backwards, but very dificult to see forward 10 year ago.  This is the main idea.  Superpower.IO will guide new entrepreneur in the journey to make their passions a business.

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