Sunflower Joy

Sunflower Joy - student project

I loved loved love this class! I don't know how come Irina made classes on my absolute favourite flowers, but I'm thrilled about it. 

This class is lovely because it teaches 3 different techniques, which was really helpful for me to discover what I like more and what I like less, what I feel comfortable about and where I need more practice. 

The ink and watercolor was my favourite, beacuse lately I've been drawing a lot of mandalas, and I thought I would make a sunflower mandala, which i think turned out pretty nice. :) 

The other two techniques were a bit more challenging, and i almost quit on the last one, but I'm happy I didn't in the end. (I will be posting the image of that tomorrow, because I just finished it and it's too dark to make photos).

So here is my process, hope you enjoy it!

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