Steven's (Almost) Epic Game Plan! Go!

Steven's (Almost) Epic Game Plan! Go! - student project

Okay, let's do this!

Step 1: Establish your voice.

Who am I?

  1. Nerdy - I just happen to have glasses; don't profile me.
  2. Positive -The glass is technically always full (water and air, duh).
  3. Funny - Writer's block is when your imaginary friends stop talking to you. (That was a joke, guys. I'm not actually crazy.)
  4. Smart - I know stuff and things.
  5. Insightful - You're judging me right now. I just know it.

What do I have to offer?

  1. Writing advice (I learned from a cyborg!)
  2. Tips for GMing Tabletop RPGs (hence, nerdy - see above)
  3. Ideas for overcoming common struggles with the above topics (because shit gets messy sometimes)

Merge 'em!

My interests converge on storytelling, whether writing fiction alone or telling a cooperative story with a bunch of dice and some friends. When people are involved (because you deal with people no matter which avenue you choose), things get... complicated. I wanna help untangle that mess.


Step 2: Create a content game plan.

  • Who is your target audience? New adults (late teens to thirties), especially fans of Dungeons & Dragons and the fantasy genre as a whole. LGBTQ, POC, all the diversity! Also writers of the aforementioned.
  • What service are you offering? Daily writing prompts and humorous DnD content on Tumblr, writing and gaming advice on YouTube. Also D&D Haikus on Tumblr, because why not? Also, planning to write some mechanics for DnD and feature my content on The DMs Guild. That will show that I know my stuff when it comes to mechanics. I'm also going to hone in on NaNoWriMo for my YouTube channel this month.
  • Where are you going to post your content? Tumblr and Youtube (see above), also going to try to tweet more.
  • When are you going to post your content? Daily writing prompts are everyday on Tumblr. Tuesdays are writing vlogs on YouTube, and Thursdays are gaming vlogs, also on YouTube. As for DMs Guild things, TBD. Twitter will be primarily on weekends.
  • How are you going to spread the word? Youtube will be my primary avenue, since I am decent at public speaking. I still need to get used to talking to a camera instead of a face, though. I also plan to engage the author and reader communities. The hashtag tips were especially educational. I also have spread the word about a 5e (DnD Open Game License content) supplement I am writing to coincide with my novel's comic fantasy world. I've already got players playtesting mechanics to fine tune them, and many have expressed interest in my novel upon its release. So, definitely continuing that. I also have friends over at Scribophile, a critique community for writers of all genres. Additionally, I am codifying my fantasy world into a 5E OGL Campaign setting. (5E OGL is the Open Game License for the core rules of Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition) That way, my campaign setting and my book, which takes place in the same area, will cross-promote one another! Also, SkillShare, right here! Hey! My YouTube audience is growing since connecting here, and that makes me super excited, plus I've gotten more Tumblr followers since this class, too!

Be sure to share your final project with your classmates, that way we can all help each other fine-tune our author platforms. Done.

Author, GM, Vlogger / ENFP