Sprucing Up My Bubble Wrap Slouch

Sprucing Up My Bubble Wrap Slouch - student project

Making a Bubble Wrap Slouch for ME!

I hand-make A LOT of accessories, especially when the cooler seasons come back around. Like many crafty biz owners, I rarely have time to make something just for myself. So with this project, I set out to make the Bubble Wrap Slouch of my dreams.

Phase 1: Shopping

As much as I love to shop for yarn (seriously, check out my Insta if you think I'm exaggerating...), I try to force myself to get yarn from my overwhelming stash every now and then. So I had to think "What would I want MY winter hat to look like?" Believe me, this was a hard question! Eventually, I found this beauty in my yarn cabinet:

Sprucing Up My Bubble Wrap Slouch - image 1 - student project

This is Heartland yarn from Lion Brand. I didn't even know I had this yumminess laying around! So I grabbed that (I only ended up using the partial ball I had) and one of my favorite crochet hooks and got to work.

Phase 2: Making

I've made many-a Bubble Wrap Slouch in my day, so I knocked this baby out in no time. Within 20 minutes, I was up to Lesson 5 in the class - IT'S GETTING BIGGER. I had completed all of my increase rounds and was headed to the body of the hat.

In the midst of making, I rooted around in my stash a bit more for a fun accent. I was thinking either a ribbon, a bit of leather, or even a stripe. Then I found these super cute military-style buttons in the bottom of a stash box. Oh my word, THEY'RE PERFECT! They reminded me of my parents, who met and married in the Army. #allthehearteyes

Sprucing Up My Bubble Wrap Slouch - image 2 - student project

Phase 3: Sharing

And there you have it! After I finished my brim, I affixed the button to my hat with a bit of leftover yarn. I weaved in my ends like magic and stood back to admire my work while gnawing on a fortune cookie. (Seriously, I'm obsessed with fortune cookies.)

Sprucing Up My Bubble Wrap Slouch - image 3 - student project

Stop ogling and start making, my friends! Play around with different yarns, experiment with fun hooks, and keep your favorite treat close by. You'll need something to reward yourself for a job well done!

UPDATE: Shortly after I posted this photo on Insta, it was claimed by my friend's daughter. Looks like I'll be making another one after all. I'm off!


-Toni L.

Toni Lipsey

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