"Sovereign" linocut

"Sovereign" linocut - student project

Thanks for the great class, Jon! As instructed, I started filling pages of my sketchbook with various skulls, but around page three I drew a very loose skull without a jaw (indicated with arrows below) that reminded me of Edward Gorey’s style ... which then led me down a Gorey/tarot card hole, ending with me designing the skull-themed linocut featured here."Sovereign" linocut - image 1 - student project"Sovereign" linocut - image 2 - student project


Once I’d decided to use that particular skull, I sketched out a rough idea (first image below), refined and inked it, and then transferred it to a plate for carving (second and third images).

"Sovereign" linocut - image 3 - student project

"Sovereign" linocut - image 4 - student project"Sovereign" linocut - image 5 - student project


Once carved, I inked it up and printed it at my kitchen table, ending up with an 8" x 10" image on Somerset paper with an edition of 15.

"Sovereign" linocut - image 6 - student project"Sovereign" linocut - image 7 - student project


Thanks again to Jon for a great class and thanks to you for looking/reading about my project!

Andrew Robinson

Graphic designer/printmaker. Montreal.