Some small pots and teapots

Some small pots and teapots - student project

The teapot from the videos made me look for a series of sketches I did years ago where I played with the shape of pots and their colors.

I normally paint with acrylic on canvas or watercolor on paper. These painting are on a special oil and acryl paper I had lying around. Mixing the colors was quite different from acryl and I didn't clean my brush as often as would have been good. So to get the color off the brush I covered one new paper after the other finishing the whole block of ten pages. The paintings aren't finished yet, but I let them stay over night to dry a bit. On this paper it takes ages to dry even with faster drying medium.

Some works in progress:

Updated paintings: These still need some work...

These three are finished for now. I tried to keep some of the first strokes on the paper, because I liked them. I actually had to push myself to paint them over...

Now the rest is finished as well and the oil has dried. I mostly enjoyed to work on the contrasts. What do you think?

Is art better than chocolate?