Social media strategy - Instagram for Luca na cozinha

Social media strategy - Instagram for Luca na cozinha - student project

I have a recent food blog and still struggling with all the social media available and to define all the resources that fit best to my workload. I had just discovered Trello two weeks ago and knew by that time it would be one of the essentials to organize myself. Organized in 5 lists: "Pending tasks", "Ready to publish", "published", "recycle" and "photo series".

In pending tasks lists will be included all initiatives that still need some work. For example, after this training, it was clear that I still need to find an ID to my pictures and define a layout for quotes. 

"Recycle", for pictures or texts that still need some work and "Photo series" a project of series with the same food subject.

Also a highlight was to include the calendar and tags. Now I can see by month how it is the load of categories and schedule posts.

Great training an changed my perspective how to use Trello for posts.