Snow White

Snow White - student project

This class has given me so much to think about! I used the first technique with the curves in my picture to try to improve it. This was my original sketch:

Snow White - image 1 - student project

I wanted to make a painted version. I tried to make the shapes have lots of arcs and S-curves, like on the shadows on her neck.

Snow White - image 2 - student project

Obviously I can still work on applying the other techniques, but I am happy with just learning to think about the curves for now. It really adds another dimension to drawing, thinking "where can I put another arc?" Thanks so much for the great class. 


Also, one person who I have noticed is very good at including nice curves in their pictures is Richard Johnson ( He is my son's favorite picture book illustrator. I just thought I'd share that if anyone would like to see for inspiration.



Lucy Gow

Aspiring illustrator