Skillshare Swag: Explore, Create, Inspire

Skillshare Swag: Explore, Create, Inspire - student project


For us Skillshare is a playground where we can explore and share different skills, have fun creating, get inspired and inspire others to get wild experimenting and learning new things.

For the Skillshare Swag contest we decided to go for a more open design route and follow this awesome class by Jon—and after all we got a bit carried away designing stickers and imagining how we could slap them everywhere:D

We went for designing a geometry-based emblem which incorporates Skillshare Hands logo, and after all we got to 4 versions with slightly different logo usage, this one being our favourite:


Here are the other 3 versions, the middle one probably has a better focal point, but does look a bit more evil in a way, and most of all breaks the linear style of the emblem.


We've gone through quite a few different colour combinations, with these being some of our favourites, including a couple featuring Skillshare corporate colours:


 Then we got carried away a little further thinking how awesome this emblem would look as a tattoo:D 


Enamel pins would also look great, but here's an example of how the buttons would look with this design instead— it's too much hustle to create a pin mock-up;)

Apart from the stickers, enamel pins and tattoos, we believe this design will look great on t-shirts, cloth patch badges, baseball capsflags, tapestries, bandanas, bags, and as coasters and a lot of other things;)



Hope you guys enjoy this design! 

Thanks Jon for another useful class:)


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Thanks for watching!;)

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