Single Light Setup

Single Light Setup - student project

When working on a single light setup I figured I'd trouble shoot by atempting a classic Rembrant shot.
I set a Nissin 700i as my key light slightly above and 45 degrees to camera right with a twelve inch beauty dish.  Almost touching my right shoulder was a car window reflector to bounce just a hint back into the shadows and directly above was a bare metal conduit for the radiator breaking up the outline of my hair from the background, set aproximately 24 inches behind me.

Shot on a Nikon D600 with a Nikkor 85mm 1.8
1/250th, 5.6, 200 iso. 

It was a little under exposed when I put it in LR so had to kick up the exposure about 1 1/3 stops.  Brought the shadows up some and tweaked a few other things slightly.

My second shot was a little more classic portrait.  I was going for what I imagined a realator might put on their business card.

Same basic setup, but swapped the flashgun for a Photogenic 320ws studio strobe with a 36" reflective brollie.  To warm the shot up some I swapped the auto reflector to my right for the back side of a laminated poster.  I also backed up about 12 inches so I'm closer to the background and a little smaller in the frame.

Same camera and setup as before with exception of opening up to 4.5.

Again when I pulled it up in LR was a little underexposed, but thankful my wife helped with focus so wasn't soft like my "Selfie" was.  Brought back 2/3 of a stop, kicked the shadows up a bit and toned down my shirt that was a litlte to bright.

Thanks for looking.