Seamore's - student project

Hey everybody, really looking forward to seeing your dream spots! To get things started, I wanted to share a bit of my inspiration for opening Seamore's.



There was not a single restaurant in NYC focused on local fish. I wanted to have a place where the check average would be around $35, and everyone could come and have an amazing and delicious plate of local seafood. The decor would complement the feel — airy, bright, big windows, by the sea. White, pops of color. The team and vibe would be fun, welcoming, inviting, and inspired by the cool of NYC. (And then, we made it happen!)



Seamore's - image 1 - student project


Seamore's - image 2 - student project

Real Life

Seamore's - image 3 - student project

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Michael Chernow

Co-founder: The Meatball Shop | Founder: Seamore's