Seadeer - student project

I'm currently living in, and love, New England. So I started by thinking of some of the forest wildlife that lives around here. I did this all pretty quick and would love to refine my 'final' illustration and make others. But for now:

I made a quick list of new england wild life, and recently visited the aquarium in Boston so jotted down a few creatures I remembered from that trip. Then I did a few quick mash up sketches. Doing silhouette sketches would be better overall. Next time... 

Seadeer - image 1 - student project

I really liked the idea of a seadeer living in the less visited seaweed beds along-side seahorses so I went with that. Even though it is probably the least interesting of my potential sea monster mashups :/ Its the the one I wanted to draw the most. So BAM

Seadeer - image 2 - student project

I would like to make its antlers more deer-like, I didn't use any reference. I'm sure you couldn't tell *sarcasm* And maybe find a 10% creature to mash up in there? Anyway, I believe I'll defiantly be revisiting this assignment wether for the seadeer or a new sea monster remains to be seen o.o~~