SeaCat - The Cats That Secure Your Mobile Solutions

SeaCat - The Cats That Secure Your Mobile Solutions - student project

Work Anywhere Anytime

We live in a wired wired world where we can connect with people, access information from almost anywhere. Smartphones, tablets and mobile devices have become parts of the work place just like your desktop and laptop computers. 

Now we can work with our mobile devices instead of solely relying on desktops and laptops. However, not everything can be done via mobile applications especially if the work you do requires connection to highly secured enterprise solutions. 

Thus our team set out to build SeaCat, a mobile gateway that will integrate mobile applications to highly secured enterprise solutions. SeaCat removes the many obstacles due to security risks by utilizing selected security standards optimized for mobile environment, providing secured connection between your mobile devices and your enterprise systems. This enables you, your customers and employees to access fully-integrated enterprise mobile applications anytime, anywhere, free from a wide range of increasing security-related risks and threats that compromise mobile applications.

With SeaCat, you can finally mobilize and secure your data, evolving the way you work and deliver business values.


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Our CAT sits somewhere here taking care of security issues and take that stress away from you.

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