Sea Creatures & Cacti

Sea Creatures & Cacti - student project

This class inspired me to go back to my sketchbook and try new things, so thank you Ohn Mar for pushing me forward, this is why I love your classes even if it's about the simplest idea! like using fine pens and different colors on shapes :D

I started by going to Pinterest and "Fish" came in to my mind because of their patterns and details.

I was not happy about my first try, Haha! but then I got excited about some darker shades, mixed some black ink and had SO MUCH FUN with the wale shark! I can't wait to try this messy mix media with other animals, flowers or objects.

Your sketchbook classes also help me to loosen up, relax and just having fun!

Sea Creatures & Cacti - image 1 - student project

Sea Creatures & Cacti - image 2 - student project

Sea Creatures & Cacti - image 3 - student project

Sea Creatures & Cacti - image 4 - student project


new page of sketchbook - cactus planters

Sea Creatures & Cacti - image 5 - student project

And drawings edited on Photoshop.

Sea Creatures & Cacti - image 6 - student project

Catarina Oliveira

Illustrator & Designer, Vancouver based