Sea Chair/Blackest ever Black/Le Match

Sea Chair/Blackest ever Black/Le Match - student project



Great class!

SEA CHAIR_____________________________________________________________





Blackest Ever Black--

This one was fun. I set up way more hit points than SeaChair. Even though this doesn't have a ton of things at first to grab onto visually--it kind of makes the smaller visual interactions mean more. I really tried to make this build crazy. 


 Heres another version--I didn't do the quicker notes at the end with the synth, because it didn't feel right. Something didn't line up--which I bet I could find something that would, I'm just not a synth expert.

I did ramp up the distortion and background noise a bit at 1:00 which feels nice to build to the ending. Also, I added glitchy's more and some anticipation reverse guitar for the flashes--which turned out really cool I think. 


Le Match----

Trying to go off of the song was a tad difficult. Once you hear something you can't stray from it too much. Here's a rough of this one! 




Thanks so much!